Sunday, February 24, 2008


On luxating patella and going a bit red in Helsinki

I couldn't resist putting a little vintage Monty Python in the title for this post. However, the "luxating patella" thing is unfortunately true, and my little Buster has it. Basically it is a dislocated kneecap, and tends to occur in small dog breeds. He has been to the vet for x-rays, and tomorrow I'm taking him to a veterinary surgeon. He doesn't seem to be all that uncomfortable, but he is basically without the use of one of his hind legs. That means he has to be picked up and carried more, but mainly it just makes me sad to see him trying to run and play on 3 legs. I was told that the surgery for this kind of condition has kind of iffy results, which means that we could spend thousands of dollars on something that isn't going to help Buster regain the use of his leg--but before I jump to any conclusions, we'll have the consult with the surgeon.

Back to Yarn

I have been kettle dyeing like a mad thing lately. Here are three more worsteds that I pulled out of the dyepot in the last few days.

Lunar Eclipse (because it came out of the crockpot as last Thursday's total eclipse of the moon was beginning)

Vibrant Violet (which used to be my favorite shade of Mary Kay eye shadow)

Baltic Amber. I'm especially proud of this colorway, as I custom mixed gold ochre with chestnut and was terribly fearful of getting yarn the color of diaper gravy, however it came out very pretty and I love it. I may not be able to part with it!

I am no closer to nailing down those wholesale deals that I thought were imminent. I know that yarn shop owners are busy people, and when they say they'll order "tomorrow or the day after"--well, it isn't surprising that it doesn't happen, because things come up. I just need to be patient and touch bases weekly, and hopefully good things will happen soon. Really, good things are happening now. I sold some yarn in my Etsy shop last week, and am very excited about something new I'm planning to offer. Keep it right here for details, folks!

One thing that's going to slow down my production, though, is that my skein winder has bit the dust after only one month of use. It's so thoroughly hosed that I've had to take it out back and shoot it. I'm not keen on taking it back to the people I bought it from, even though I was encouraged to do so should there be problems, because it's such a long drive. I think I'll just suck it up, and order a new one made by Ashford. That should keep me cranking out yarn (literally) for the time being.

take care of that knee!
Just so you know, I'm using great restraint in refraining from jumping on to Etsy for the violet.
That amber color is really loveley, and don't worry about the yarn store orders. Just give them a friendly little reminder every now and then and eventually they'l get it together and place an order. As everyone knows it's SUPER easy to get distracted in a yarn store.
Love all the new kettle-dyeds. Very nice! Can't decide which one I like most!
Love the violet! You make it so hard for me to keep to my budget!!
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