Thursday, February 21, 2008


Franchising opportunities available

Well, not quite, but I'm hungry to have Stitchjones yarn in as many shops as possible! I'm on the verge of acquiring two more wholesale accounts. Can't say more than that right now, but when I finally get around to reconstructing my website, I just may have to list my retailers by state! (C'mon, sweet crazy money.)

Seemed like for the entire month of February, my Etsy shop was under some sort of Curse of the Bambino, because I'd been selling at a good clip through January and then boom, nothing. Yesterday the curse was finally broken, as I sold three worsted yarns. Woo!

Here are a couple new dyepot worsteds:

Blue Cheer (sold!)


And my latest new sock colorway, for select retailers only. Actually, it's homage both to the first shop to feature my yarns, and a freaky 80's metal band. Here's "Twisted Sister".

I also promised to flash stash, so here you go, 5 balls of Silk Garden, which I'm thinking of making into a lace wrap from one of the Noro books by Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton.

Last post, I put in the comments how I lost my gumption to go up and meet Stephanie. Let me give you some backstory to put it in perspective. I was at my disheveled worst: my hair was stringy, no makeup, a stain on my shirt from a stray blob of salad dressing. I could not have looked or felt more pathetic, so I resigned myself to being the biggest wuss in the greater Puget Sound area. However, I will have another chance to meet her, as she will be coming to Portland in April. I plan to be at my glowing, Lancome and Mac makeup best, and I want to present her with a custom colorway in her honor. I never said I wasn't a shameless ho, and will do anything (legal, that is) to get a mention on her blog. What can I say, I wanna sell my yarn!

And the last thing: Knottykitty was right on the money, Rod Stewart's band circa 1971 was Faces. Knottykitty, please shoot me an email at sharonfs AT comcast DOT net, I know I didn't say it was a contest, but I wanna send you some yarn. I'm totally serial, I mean serious!

WHOO-HOO! I'm readin' along your blog post and totally laughing at your description of your desheveledness (which I recognize as my every-day appearance, sad to say...), and suddenly, I see my name mentioned!!! WHAAAAT! You totally and completely made my day today!!

That I won an unexpected prize because I'm your only reader ancient enough to know the name of that band...well...we won't talk about that..

Your yarn is gorgeous--thanks SO much!!
What gorgeous colours you are coming up with! If I didn't have such crappy budgetary constraints I'd be grabbing them all up, believe me! I'm crossing my fingers you get all the deals you are hoping for.

I live about 40 minutes away from the harlot and I've never had the nerve to go see her, so don't feel bad!
wah, no fair to us non-music losers!!! How come you never ask about old sitcoms? THOSE I would know the answer to, I spent all my time with the teevee growing up. ayhoo- I love that noro, that'll make a very awesome wrap. And if anybody would be forgiving about looking all skanky- I think it would be Steph. I want you to vow you WILL have your pic taken with her next time!!!!
Gorgeous stuff, as always! Yeah for possible "Interstate Commerce"! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!
I'm going to be in Portland in July!
I LOOOOVE Portland! If you want you can name a color way after me! =)
I am also a shameless ho and will do anything to have things named after me.

You're still cool and super talented. You should totally do a contest so I'd have a chance of winning some of your yarn!
You don't really have to I was trying to be funny.
That Syrah is amazing! If I hadn't just bought a huge amount of purple yarn, I'd be all over that. Guess I'll just have to pick a different color!
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