Sunday, February 17, 2008


Every picture tells a story (don't it)

Sorry for that reference to the old Rod Stewart song--bonus points if you can tell me the name of his band when that song was a hit!--but I got out of the house yesterday for a road trip, and would like to let the pictures I took tell the story.

I went here.

I bought these.

And this. (From Fly Designs. Could not resist the power of the green.)

I knitted with some of my peeps from Knitting Bee. Left to right: Elaine, Marcelle, Kim, Christina.

My alpaca pashmina-style wrap "A Go Go" is sooo close to being done.

And I even managed to "Kinnear" a famous person. (no, not the butt, which I couldn't crop out of the photo. It's the person in black pants and red print top.)

All in all, it was a good day and worth the 300-mile round trip drive to Tacoma, even though I got a late start. My swift decided to break yesterday morning, while I was in the midst of reskeining dyed yarn, so I needed to replace it first thing. I decided to get one from Knitting Bee, in case I couldn't find one at Madrona. Was there a yarn purchase, you ask? Of course there was. But I'll have to flash the latest stash next post, as this one is already photo-rich.

Enjoy today's sunshine!

oooo who who?
Well, I don't remember the band name, but I certainly remember the Rod Stewart album! It was 1971. Oh, the memories! :)

Was that the Yarn Harlot you Kinneared? Wish I could have gone with you!
yep, that's Stephanie. I could have met her but was too bashful. :)
Oh Sharon you WUSS!
I'm bad about walking up to famous people as well...I always think they'll think I'm a crazy stalker or somthing!
Was Rod Stewart in "Faces" back then? Yes, I'm that old....sigh.
doh! You oughta just gone up to her! Your a celeb too now!
I absolutely LOVE your pashmina wrap! What a gorgeous colour! I figured it was the harlot, since you used the phrase "Kinneared", LOL.
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