Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Bouquets of joy

J. brought this home from work last night. It had been a long time since he brought me flowers and I got all teary, mushy and sentimental. We were celebrating, y'see. Not an anniversary, or a birthday, but my first wholesale deal. I'm excited and proud to tell you that All About Yarn is the newest retailer of Stitchjones handpainted sock yarn. Not only did the owner buy most of a suitcase full of yarn, but also took a half dozen of my Chain Lightning sock patterns (good thing I gave them the Kinko's treatment) and ordered nearly a dozen more skeins.

I am eagerly awaiting a ginormous shipment of merino 3-ply superwash, so I can complete the order, and keep on doing what I do! That nice cash infusion will help me stay afloat for a while. In the meantime, since I'm right out of sock yarn to dye, I'm doing more kettle dyeing with worsted, and catching up on some knitting.

Here is the first of a pair of Noro socks, and incidentally these are the first socks I've ever knit on size 0 needles. There has been much kvetching on Ravelry about the Kureyon sock yarn, that it's rough, uneven thickness, has chaff in it, blah blah blah. Man! Want some cheese with yer whine, people? I absolutely love the yarn. None of those issues bother me. I tried on my sock and it felt fine even prior to the wool soak. Our feet are less sensitive than our hands. Hey, and the abrasive quality can only be a good exfoliant for those rough dry heels, corns and calluses, no? What, nobody saw Monty Python's Life of Brian?! "Always look on the bright side of life..."

Yesterday while I was at All About Yarn, I stayed true to my no-more-stashing vow, but that doesn't cover books, of course. I'd been coveting this book for some months, and finally bought it.

I've still got the Salt Peanuts cardigan on my coffee table, looking at me and plaintively, nonverbally saying "Finish me!" So I will, before I start another sweater project. In the meantime, though, gorgeous kimonos to knit?! Word.

I Am A Shameless Brazen Hussy

...because on Sunday, June 1, I have a date with four men. My favorite four men on the whole freakin planet. The man I married, and these three.

Rush tickets went on pre-sale this morning. Even though I was spot on at the moment the sale began, I could only get 200-level seats. Not sure how the best seats can be snapped up in a nanosecond like that, but WTF. I'm gonna see Rush. And drive y'all nuts as the show date gets closer, whether I'm still here or over at stitchjones.com. It'll be a while before that looks anything like a website, but all in good time.

I've gotta go pick up my kid from school now, as her license restrictions won't be lifted until Friday. But I had to get in a blog post, especially since the news is all good today!



that is all wonderful news!
YIPPEE!! YIPPEE! YIPPEE!!! I'm so proud of you! A wholesale deal, more in the works, and Rush tickets?! What a beautiful day and you definitely deserve it. I'm so glad to read that you are doing awesome. :)
Congratulations on your first wholesale sale. Dn't forget to frame the first dollar for continuing luck!
Wow, what a stellar day! YOU ROCK!
whoa! I think you just have a bit way too much happiness happening over at the coop! But, you actually deserve it,soooo, ok. So THATS what Rush men look like! Heh, first I thought it was Bono and his gang. My bad.
AND I LOVE the Noro sock AND I love that Kimono book too. ;O-
*jumps up and down for you* HOW THRILLING!!! did you manage not to squeal in thier presence? Congratulations miss!!!!!
That is so great about the yarn!! I shall be able to say "I knew her when.." when you're all famous-like!! Remind me one day to tell you the story about my husband, and how he not only met Rush (at a gas station on the highway no less), but lived just down the street from Alex when he went to college...
Thanks, everybody! Just finished the order tonight.

Kay, your husband met Rush? Lived down the street from Alex? *swooon* I bet they were as nice as everyone who has met them says. For years I had a secret thing for Alex. (blush)
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