Thursday, February 28, 2008


Bad hair day, good yarn day

I've noticed this spot on the back of my head, just below the crown, where my hair is thinning and OHMYGODICANSEEMYSCALP. So now every time I think about it, I fluff my hair and try to cover the area, but it inevitably settles into what looks like is becoming a BALD SPOT oh crap. It's happening again, that thing where I start to freak and can't control THE VOLUME OF MY VOICE. Let's not think about that. Let's think about yarn. Sigh...find that happy place...where all is quiet and the yarn floats by like clouds on a lazy summer day, so soft, poufy and pretty...

I feel much better now. And yesterday I had a good yarn day. I love making yarn, and sometimes I even admire my hand dyeing if it comes out particularly well. Seriously, though, selling it is where it's at. Yesterday I sold a lot of it. So my relationship with that yarn is like, "yes, you're beautiful, now get out of my house." Today I dyed up a new colorway and a new sock kit. However, I'm going to touch up the kit yarn with an overdye, and when it's perfect I'll show you. I'll put the new colorway up on Etsy tomorrow morning.

Don't you just love it when you get in a project finishing mode? This finally came off the needles, after two full months of working on it pretty consistently.

Nice blocking, horrible pic, please don't look at my scarred table or pet stained carpet! Oops, too late. I tried to get my offspring to model it, but no go. Anyway, this is a 60" long x 21" wide pashmina-style wrap of my own design. 9 balls of Frog Tree Alpaca Sport in Lapis. Knit on size 3 needles, good Lord. The ganglion on the inside of my right wrist is now the size of Minneapolis. I have submitted the pattern for publication and am hopeful to see it in print and maybe even a little dinero from it. I'll keep you posted. Ever the optimist, I'm thinking there must be other knitting masochists out there who would enjoy a slogalong like this.

That's not all, another FO has rolled off the needles! Surprise, just in time for March, here are my Shamrock & Roll* Anklets!

*With apologies to the Dropkick Murphys. On a side note, I am a DKM fan, and as fate would have it they're playing a sold-out show at the Roseland tomorrow night. It's just as well it's a sellout show. I would be so out of my element in that crowd, there's no way this F.O.B. (that's "fat old broad," not "friend of Bill") could blend in, and I don't even drink. But back to the sock story, after all that's what you came for. This has to be the quickest pair of socks I ever banged out, finished less than 2 weeks after I bought the yarn at Madrona. It's Fly Dyed Monarch from Fly Designs. I didn't use a pattern, just more or less winged it and decided to do a short-row heel. I'll definitely do that kind of heel more often, as it goes quickly.

It must be time to sign off, because I'm becoming mesmerized by the blinking cursor. I'll check in within the next couple of days with more colorful stuff.

LOL that we have SO many lovely things in common:
1)scalp showing on back of head at crown (my hair keeps parting there...ugh)
2)F.O.B. (again, ugh, but I'm caring less and less about the F. the more O. I get!)
3)pet-stained carpet (if you take off your glasses, it doesn't look as bad)
Isn't it nice to know that we can come together as friends because we have stuff in common?

Love, love, love those socks! I really need to try to learn that short-row heel one of these days..:)
Sheesh woman! You are busy, busy, busy! Love the wrap and the socks. :)
Beautiful pashmina!! I'm one of those knitting masochists who would like to knit it! :) FOB, this shall be my new name for myself...glad to know I'm not the only one, LOL...as for the hair...well my hair is curly, and in the last few years I have had this one section that goes super frizzy no matter what I do, so the rest of my hair is curly and this one section is just frizzy city...it looks really nice....

Love the socks!!
The shawl looks GORGEOUS!! you must bring it to stitch & sip one of these weeks for much petting!

Way to go on the sell-a-thon, too! :-D
Nice socks!
I'm working on some socks that are NOT turning out well. I know that they will be warm I really needed to use a size 1 instead of a 2 needle
That wrap looks great--wish I could see it modeled!

When I went through an especially stressful time, my hair came out in clumps all over my head. I would wash it and the stuff would just slide right off my head. Awful. I hope yours grows back! (Mine did.)
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