Thursday, January 10, 2008


Wandering thoughts lost in the desert that is my cranium

...but hopefully rescued, safe and sound in this post.

First of all, I did translate the Bunny Cap pattern from Japanese and schematics to English text. The file lives here. Mind in the gutter dept: When I made the first of the bunny ears on dpns, it looked to my daughter like a...ahem...peenie cozy! She then got all up in my business asking me to make one for her current boy toy, which I most certainly will not do!

Errata dept: I got the names of the boomerangs all wrong in the last post. You never know when a knitting 'ranger, or a 'ranging knitter, will stumble across the old blog and discover that I do not know crap from Christmas. So here are the corrections: The pink-tipped boom is called "Eagle", made by Colorado Boomerangs, and the Chinook is not a hook, just a boomerang. Hooks are distinctive in shape, they look like this. Just in case somebody gives a rat's arse.

New Skeins, Old Colorways

Closer To The Heart


The Trees

I just had to squeeze in pics of this week's "fresh from the dyepot" yarns. BTW, I love that thread in the "Love to Dye" group on Ravelry--I spend all my Rav time there. Indie dyers are doing the most amazing stuff, it's definitely worth a look.

I had more goodies to show you, but it'll have to wait until next post, because stoopid Blogger won't let me upload any more pics. Perhaps it's just as well--I have mass quantities of work waiting for me.

MAN I love The Trees.
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