Friday, January 25, 2008


Stitchjones in the hizouse, almost

I tinkered with Yahoo! SiteBuilder the other night, and made a bare-bones shoppable website. Even though it's pathetic-looking, I posted about it in the "Yarn" discussion board on Ravelry, and it brought me a couple of orders--from the U.K.! Which was very cool. This week was also a good one for my Etsy shop, because I've increased my dyeing output considerably. It seems like what I need for Stitchjones to grow has been placed right in front of me, and I firmly believe that it's no accident. I am absolutely convinced that my recent employment status change needed to happen--so I can finally become my own boss, pilot my own ship, and not have to ever again be told what to do, by anyone. Let me tell you about the nice things that happened this week (other than yarn sales, which are always nice)!

First of all, I went to Wednesday night knitting group and met an extremely talented web designer who knits beautifully--and will build a professional website for me. And to think I almost decided to stay home, I would have missed that monumental stroke of luck!

The other thing is, I got my skein winder today. The nice folks at Pacific Wool & Fiber are swamped and way behind in orders, (and I'm glad business is good for them!) so I ended up getting the display model of the one I wanted at a generous discount. Which means mo' money to spend on the biz.

The "Dark and Divine" colorway is selling well, and to date we have raised $32.50 for Doctors Without Borders. I expect that to increase tenfold before we're done, knitters being the top-notch folks that they are. Also, I can not keep "The Trees" in stock! I'm eagerly awaiting my undyed yarn order, and am praying it comes tomorrow or Monday at the latest, so I can dye up a bunch more of it.

Coming soon is an original sock pattern for Stitchjones yarn--I won't be dyeing over the weekend, because the family's home, so I'm working on my first sock design.

Friday Lolcat Moment of Zen

Not exactly a lolcat picture, but I am a linguist, so this portion of the post is written in lolcat-speak.

Hannibal: Wat dat?

Elwood: Iz for playin wid yarnz.

Hannibal & Elwood: zzz

Have a fabulous weekend!

Oh what perfect luck! I am still trying to nail down the ticker for DWB, thanks for your awesome work, lady
Hannibal and Elwood look like conjoined twins in that picture! LOL!
The cats look adorable! Your sock looks awesome! Good for you with the yarn selling and site building. I can't wait to see your new site!
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