Wednesday, January 16, 2008


One nation, under surveillance

Saw that on a bumper sticker yesterday. So true.

Since the proverbial shit is going to hit the fan soon enough, I'd like you all to hear it from me first: I no longer work at the yarn shop where I have been working. To avoid possible litigation, I'm not able to say any more than that here. However, if you want the sordid details, shoot me an email at sharonfs AT comcast DAWT net, and I promise I will tell the truth.

Yarning Goes On

Since I'm not one to watch soaps while drinking beer and eating bon bons, I've been making yarn. Top to bottom: Bangkok, Summertime Blues, Dark and Divine. I'm excited about Dark and Divine, because I already have a custom order for it! I must clarify that I'm donating all 2008 profits for this colorway, not proceeds--(have to cover materials to stay in business)--to Doctors without Borders. I loves my friend Christine, she was the inspiration for this colorway, and I have a gut feeling that D&D is going to be a big seller. Yarn folks are a generous lot--I know I love it when my yarn dollars help make the world a better place!

And there is more good news: Thanks to the Bush Administration, the folks who brought us the Iraq war, Stitchjones is compliant with the Patriot Act and is a registered entity with the U.S. Government. This was required in order to open a business bank account. A fully functioning website with a shopping cart, and merchant services so I can accept credit card payments, are coming this spring. In the meantime, if you picture a chimpanzee with an Xbox, you have a pretty good idea of my aptitude with Web tools--so if somebody could help with building a little tracker thingy for the blog, so we can watch the DWB contributions grow throughout the year, I'd be most grateful, and of course there's yarn in it for you.

Well, the two Clonazepam I took earlier are working their magic. A blissful night's sleep is what I need. And maybe a road trip. J. is in Orange County--I know he is working hard, but I'm still a tad envious.

Just bummed out for you.
gah. Gah. ugh and Gah.
I was wondering when I saw a thread on Ravelry this week. I hope that your full time creativity can blossom to its full extent.
I wondered what was going on when I saw the Ravelry thread and the PDX Knit Blogger posting. I know your new business will do great!
the yarn looks great, you keep busy with it! Ah, a full nights sleep...bliss!
Praise be to all that frees one from yarn slavery.

Hope you're OK.
PS> Happy news: Portland, June 1, 2008. Keep that date open and save your pennies. :-)
*emailing you* I don't know what's going on...but stick with the yarn dying....it's incredible

*sigh of a happy custom order girl*
Sorry about the shop troubles. I wish you lived here. My husband keeps telling me to open a yarn shop, but I can't do it alone.

I have a bunch of great bumper stickers like that, but we live in a very conservative neighborhood, and my husband opposes permanently alienating the neighbors. I feel differently. In the interests of marital harmony, I concede to his wishes. Damned marital harmony.
Sorry to hear about the job, that sucks. On to bigger and better things now, right?
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