Wednesday, January 30, 2008


On going ahead and biting the bullet

Yesterday I broke down and bought a new digital camera, a 7.2 megapixel. Loving it so far--it takes nice, sharp pictures, and is slender and pink and cute as the dickens. Even though I have to shrink the file size so the pics will display on Etsy, I hope that enough resolution is still there to show off my yarn. Let me know what you think.


The Trees

Secret Touch

My Etsy sales have jumped to about $100 a week, which brings a smile to my face, and my dyeing output is ever increasing, thanks in large part to the skein winder. I figured out what experienced dyers probably learned ages ago and are reading this and going "duh"--that you wind your undyed yarn in a longer skein, then when you reskein after dyeing, you adjust the skein size smaller, so that the colors are reshuffled. A nice blended look results, and it's easier to get a mental picture of what the yarn will look like knitted up.

An independent website is in the near future. As soon as I have a logo, I can start building a site with a shopping cart. I also dyed bigger batches with a few short skeins, both for designing more sock patterns and sending free samples to shop owners. Yes, I am that much of a shameless ho. But it's so encouraging when a LYS owner sees my work and wants to talk to me! A lot of loving care is going into this venture, and my hope is to grow it into something that will: pay the bills, keep me happy, bring about a need for helpers that I can pay in U.S. funds as well as yarn, expand beyond my kitchen into a studio space, and surprise Jason. (Not necessarily in that order.) I think it all boils down to finding that balance within myself, between dreamer and doer. Until I move my blog to stitchjones.com, this is where I will share my dreams and celebrate my accomplishments. With y'all.

But enough of that, possums, because it's time to head to the post office! I got an order from Cadiz, Spain last night. Dang, but I love this internet contraption!

is it a dslr? The composition is lovely!
That is all so cool!!! Good luck!!!
The colors are perfect! yeehah! I think you and that camera will become very good friends. ;-)
Wicked cool! Love the pics!
gee, you sound all happy and stuff. * grins* me happy too.
I absolutely love Afterimage. :]
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