Monday, January 28, 2008


It's almost Imbolc, and I've got nothing to wear

Although I'm not a practicing Pagan, I've done enough exploration to become familiar with Wiccan holidays. Imbolc is celebrated in early February, and it marks the halfway point between the winter solstice and vernal equinox, right around the time when we notice the days are growing longer and there is more light. I borrowed this text from starbreezes.com:

"In Celtic traditions, Imbolc is sacred to the goddess Brighid. Brighid represents the goddess in her maiden form. She symbolizes new beginnings, purification, fire, and healing." (italics added by Chickenlips.)

Sheep and lambs are symbols associated with Imbolc, so how could this be anything but good energy for the launching of a hand dyed yarn business? Believe me, I'll take all I can get!

Houston, we have a sock.

Here is the "Chain Lightning" sock, knit in Stitchjones "Bangkok" colorway. Because I'm not an efficient sock knitter--I stubbornly continue with dpns rather than use 2 circs, and haven't yet learned the fancy ass toe-up method or Magic Loop--I borrowed heavily from Sensational Knitted Socks. The design features an easy six-stitch chain rib, traditional heel and toe. Of course "Chain Lightning" is a Rush song, from the Presto album in case anyone cares. I wrote up the pattern and put it on Etsy. Mainly I was just dying to see what my yarn looks like knitted up. The "fork" in the striping right after the gusset, and the jagged diagonal striping on the leg, kinda does look chain lightning-like. Intriguing, if not great.

One thing I need to find out is if it would be more cost-effective to buy a better camera, or have someone take product pictures for me. I'm heavily leaning toward the latter. Much in the way that a Steinway won't do you a bit of good if you can't play the piano, I have no aptitude for photography, so a better (more expensive) digital camera isn't going to help me out.

I received my undyed yarn shipment, and will be busy today skeining up (with my new toy, hoo!) for the week's dyeing. Since I'm expecting to be doing a lot more dyeing, I went to dollar stores, the beauty supply store, and Goodwill over the weekend for bigger containers to mix and apply dye. I also got a multilevel electric steamer from Goodwill for $5, which will be good for heat-setting 4 to 6 skeins at a time, and lets me keep dye solution away from the stove. Let's just pray the sucker still works!

In the long run, it is probably more cost effective to get a camera.

and we are ALL ABOUT the cost effective.
I'm with flutter on the camera. With such an eye for colors, I'm guessing you'll have a great eye with a good camera in hand and your current photos don't do your work justice.
just met with my web designer and I'm with you guys on the camera...she was able to recommend a good one.
Energy is contagious
Enthusiasm spreads
Tides respond to lunar gravitation
Everything turns in synchronous relation

Laughter is infectious
Excitement goes to my head
Winds are stirred by planets in rotation
Sparks ignite and spread new information

Respond, vibrate, feed back, resonate

Sun dogs fire on the horizon
Meteor rain stars across the night
This moment may be brief
But it can be so bright

Hope is epidemic
Optimism spreads
Bitterness breeds irritation
Ignorance breeds imitation

Sun dogs fire on the horizon
Meteor rain stars across the night
This moment may be brief
But it can be so bright
Reflected in another source of light
When the moment dies
The spark still flies
Reflected in another pair of eyes

Dreams are sometimes catching
Desire goes to my head
Love responds to your invitation
Love responds to imagination

Respond, vibrate, feed back, resonate

I care. <3

I love that f***ing song.
Go back to Goodwill and pick up a couple of salad spinners; just the thing to get water out of skeined yarn. No, I won't take credit for that one; I read it on Ravelry!
Cool song- I just may have to listen up to Rush. And the toe-up and circle thingy? Yeah, I'm so outta that loop too. no pun intented.
I use my salad spinner to get water outta my hand washed socks too! Sure ain't using it for salad.....
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