Sunday, January 06, 2008


Hatchet, axe, and saw

Wow, so many of you like The Trees! I'm glad I asked, because I really didn't know. Huge thanks to all of you who voted, I'm very appreciative of those who spread the word about my little contest and overwhelmed that so many folks took the time to visit my blog. I apologize for the confusion--yes, I meant please vote for your favorite among "Ghost Rider," "The Trees," "Closer To The Heart" and "Xanadu". No worries, though--the people have spoken, and everyone who leaves, or has left, a comment will be entered in next Saturday's drawing. Comments are still open on the contest post.

The dyeing, and experimenting with new colorways, continues. Here are the fruits of last week's labor.

"Camellias" (eager for spring)

"Parisienne" (merino version)

"Afterimage" (this one is a Rush song title)

Yesterday I sold one of the "Afterimage" skeins. Need to get some different dye shades, as my black separates out into shades of gray, and true brown looks rather poo-like. Perhaps chestnut would give better results.

Everything's A-OK

The "family emergency" I alluded to last post was a distress call from my MIL, who was at the end of her rope with taking care of Jason's dad, whose Alzheimers' continues to worsen. J. went up to Spokane last week to see if they could get some help from the VA, and got in touch with an attorney to help his mom wade through red tape so that his dad can eventually be in a nursing home. Arrangements should have already been made for this, but drinking, being mean to his family and hoarding money were always more important to his dad. I would never say anything unkind about my long-suffering mother-in-law, because she has always been good to me and I love her as if she were my own mother. Sorry to sound so cynical about father-in-law, but I have no feelings for him. He's been a shit all his life.

On a much more positive note, I went through the icky prep procedure for the colonoscopy Thursday night, and the exam itself on Friday morning. I'm absolutely fine, and won't have to do that again for 10 years. Yeah baby!

Poor but happy

I've never been more broke--I owe my arse in student loans and credit card debt. Yet every day gives me a chance to work on designs, or plan dyeing, or do one small thing to make my vision take shape. And little by little, it is. I was invited to be the speaker at the January meeting of the PDX Knitting Guild! Whaddya know, I get to yammer about my passion for coloring fiber, to people who really are interested in hearing about it. Angels are putting in good words for me, and steering me in the right direction. I've been very, very lucky, and I'm grateful.

Off to do mom stuff now--back in a few days.

I am seriously luvin' your colorways, girl! Especially that "AfterImage". Sorry about the family issues. But BIG congrats on the "buttoscope" outcome. You're right, the prep sucks, but does offer some pretty good knitting time, since you can't go very far from home. ;) And sounds like the new year is starting off right, fiber wise! See you Wednesday at SipNStitch?
Thanks, Bobbie! I look forward to seeing you all, it's quite the lively, and fun, group!
Also loving the color blends. But Afterimage would be my first pick from the 3! Nice job.
I'm glad all is well in the health department. Sorry about the FIL. My dad (who sounds just like your FIL, actually) is an invalid now, and my long-suffering mother has to take care of him every day. Horrible.

Re your comment on my blog--that was my first attempt at dyeing, so it wasn't a thought-out decision, just dumb luck!
You never cease to amaze me with all your colourways! I am jealous I won't get to hear you speak at the knitter's guild, I'm sure you will do amazing! My heart goes out to you and J with his dad's illness. My dad's mom had that and it was so hard at times.
Afterimage is beautiful, and so is the Merino version of Parisienne. LOL! Sometimes I wish I lived in North America - there are so many yarn goodies available there that is so hard to get over here. ;-)

Got a question... one of my favourite Rush songs is Tai Shan... (from the CD Hold your Fire) what colourway would you link to that? I am playing with this question for some time now...
Replying to breien in lansingerland--Tai Shan is a great song! Haven't heard it in ages. You're right--I am a hyoooge Rush fan, I bore my readers to death on a regular basis because I love me some Rush!

If I were going to do a colorway for Tai Shan, I envision a warm autumn palette: fire red, pumpkin orange, gold ochre, maybe a bit of mahogany. Hmmm...perhaps I should experiment next dyeing day! ;)
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