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First contest of the year!

Christmas tree, lights and decorations taken down and put away? Check. Resolutions made? Check. Holiday knitting projects finished? Check. (None of these things have as yet happened at our house, but perhaps they have at yours. :D )

What I am in the midst of doing, however, is getting ready to dye the last of my "hand wash only" yarns, and begin dyeing the superwash. The pictures below are seven planned colorways for wholesale orders, plus two more I haven't done yet so I don't have pics. The first one, "Dark and Divine," was inspired by my friend Christine aka Flutter, who is an exquisite writer. Whether she is being wickedly funny or deadly serious, she is always compelling.

Dark and Divine (note: all proceeds from the sale of this colorway will go to Doctors Without Borders)Secret Touch
Summertime Blues


Tom Sawyer



You may be wondering, "OK, yeah, we've seen all these. She said something about a contest, what's the deal?" Trust me, my friends, there is going to be a contest, a good one. I need to add one more colorway to the line, and that's where you come in: I'd like you to vote for the one you like best. The colorway with the most votes is the one I'll add, and everyone who votes will be entered in a random drawing. The winner gets 400 pounds of chicken fat yards of my hand dyed sock yarn. So here you go, please vote for your favorite among these colorways. Deadline is Saturday, January 12. Thanks everybody, and good luck!

Ghost Rider


Closer To The Heart

The Trees

I'm being displaced from the computer right now--bit of a family emergency-- so I'll have to do the resolutions next time.

The Trees!!!

By the way do you have a silk wool blend sock yarn that is machine washable. At least reliably so. If so I would love to send some business your way.
The trees is fabulous, and you KNOW I love Dark & Divine ;)

love you, girl
Closer to the Heart is my pick, although Dark and Divine is just LIKE my blogging bff, flutter.
I'll add another vote for The Trees. It's out of my usual comfort zone as far as color goes, but it sure catches my eye!

Sounds like business is good. Congrats! :)
Oh, so hard to pick!!! . I'll have to go with The Trees, though Xanadu and Closer to the Heart are battling it out for a close second.

What lovely yarns you have, my dear >;) Thanks for the link, Flutter
Dark and Divine is my favorite followed by The Trees.

I would love to see what DandD looks like knitted!
I love Closer to the Heart, that one gets my vote...and it's so not me! Maybe I need to expand my color horizons. Thanks for sending me here, Flutter!
Closer to the Heart is lovely.

Although I'm not a knitter so if I win you should pick again.
I love Closer to the Heart with Trees coming in at a close second. I'm just a sucker for pinks and purples. Lol!
I vote for The Trees as well, very vibrant, love it.
Love, love, love Dark & Divine---but I'm assuming you want votes on the colors on the bottom half of the post...? In that case, I would vote for Ghost Rider! It seems to be different enough from the other colors to offer a nice contrast.

I like them all, actually, as I love pinks, purples and greens!
The Trees. You need a green one in there!
The Trees. absolutely.

p.s. I posted about your contest on WiKnit
The Trees is definitely my favorite.
They're all beautiful.
The Trees. Your line up needs another shot of green. =)
The trees it is for me. I am married to a tree hugger, so this one is a no brainer for me. I love the Dark and Divine! When I first saw the Bangkok one, I first thought of Mardi Gras.

Thanks for the contest.
Ghost rider, though they are all beautiful!
I go with closer to the heart, but even though I am not a green fan, I have to admit the trees is very nice.
Closer to the Heart!

One cannot have too much pink and purple. (though I have to admit that I like the name Xanadu the best.)

thanks for a fun contest!
The Trees! I love the green.
Syrinx! It's gorgeous!
It's totally out of character for me not to pick the pink one, but I really like ghost rider. They're all lovely though :)
Ghost Rider, without a doubt! It's fun (for some reason calypso comes to my head when I look at it), it's different and it's gorgeous, of course.
The Trees is my favorite. Very Slytherin. I am participating is HSKS4 and if my parter is in Slytherin, that would be the perfect sock yarn to send them.
I love the trees. I am a huge fan of greens and blues, I guess that comes from knitting for my boys.
My son tells me to vote for The Trees because green is his favourite colour. (And it's also my favourite colourway of the ones you've got listed.)
After much scrolling and pondering... they're all beautiful... Ghost Rider!!!
Closer to the Heart!!
Oooh, definately The Trees. Ent Feets!
Wowie zowie all four are gorgeous, but if I had to pick one, it would be The Trees. I can just close my eyes and see myself knitting with that one! (Ghost Rider is probably my close 2nd tho).

And you've been linked on my site - hopefully you'll get a great response to your challenge!
they are all lovely, but my list from fav to least fav:

1. ghost rider
3.closer to the heart

Good luck!
I realize the weight of public opinion is against me, but I'm going with Ghost Rider. (The Trees is a close second, though.)
I love Ghost Rider! I am always attracted to yarn that has a cool main color and a shot of a warm color running through it.
Closer to the Heart is my pick :)
Definitely "the trees"
It would make a pretty cool monkey sock or falling leaves sock.
1) Closer to the heart

2) Trees
I like Closer to the heart, followed by the trees. The others are not my taste
LOL! I see you are a Rush fan! :-)

My favourites are:
Closer to the heart,
Summertime Blues,
Tom Sawyer
I LOVE Ghost rider the turquoise and burnt orange colour is really western feeling. Plus, it feels like it gos with the collection you already are listing.

I also like Closer to the Heart (pretty pinks) and The Trees
My favourite is Ghost Rider (although The Trees is a close second).
I say The Trees, with Closer to the Heart a very close(r) second! They are all gorgeous, though
Trees is my favorite, followed by Closer to the Heart.
I'm also a Tree hugger :-) but Closer to the Heart is nice too.
I guess I'm with the last few comments. My two favorites are trees and closer to the heart
I just noticed there was another Jess so make my name Jessie. I just said:

I guess I'm with the last few comments. My two favorites are trees and closer to the heart.

Hrmmph. I need my own name.
Me personally? Xanadu. (Yeah, my hamster was named Olivia after Ms. Newton-John) But from a business perspective, I'd go with Trees.
Closer to the heart is lovely. I'm usually more the green type of person, but that pink if fab!
Oh, its definately "The Trees". Definately, definately. There were other goods one but I got an itch when I saw "The Trees".
Ghost Rider is the one that I would love to knit with. Great colors and tones together
Channeling Tatu from Fantasy Island: "Da Trees! Da Trees!"

LOL! They're all fabulous!

Missed you at Sip N Stitch on Wednesday; think you'll make it next week?
Trees! With Dark & Divine a close second. :)
It is very very very close for me between the trees and close to the heart. I think closer to the heart is barely barely ahead. Third would be xanadu.
The Trees, though I'll admit to being totally green-biased.
parisienne is lovely--it just glows.

i hope all is well!
Closer To The Heart

Ghost Rider! I don't particularly care for Xanadu, and the other two, while pretty, are the sort of thing I've seen in a million other places.
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Definitely The Trees! Xanadu is my least favorite, but I would buy all of the others.
I love ghost rider - absolutely gorgeous!
Hello!? Where the heck have I been? I MISSED a contest? Horrors. Anyhoo, I'm so very grateful you are keeping this open till the 12th
My fav is Xanadu- I even like the name a lot! Brings back memories of Oliva Newton John!
Closer to the heart is my pick, I love how all the color came out together. I would buy it.
Best Regards
Closer To The Heart is my pick! It is so beautiful - although I like The Trees very much too, I will go for the heart.
There are too many great ones to choose from.

I'm going with Dark & Divine however, since Flutter is the reason I even found you in the first place.
Definately Dark & Divine!
My vote is for Ghost Rider, but scrolling down I don't see too many votes for it. So if it comes to second votes, mine is for The Trees.
Beautiful stuff!
I vote for Closer to the Heart. :) But it was a tough choice, you have some really wonderful color combinations.

Enjoyed your presentation at the guild meeting. I just love how nobody knows anybody until you say what your blog is, then it's all oooohhhh, you're the chicken lips lady! *grin*

- Chelle (knottyknitter on ravelry)
Definitely The Trees. I'm an earthy colors kind of guy :)

Chris (cauyeung@ucsd.edu/fish0matic on Rav)
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