Thursday, December 27, 2007


Working in a LYS...it's not ALL drudgery! ;-)

Here are the most major of the samples I have knit since working at Dublin Bay. OK, I totally stole the idea to bring the camera into the shop, photograph my FO's and blog them from Chrissy, but I don't think she'll mind too much. Especially when I tell you that the stuff she's made for Dublin Bay is gorgeous, and you must visit her blog to see the pics! Let me give you the rundown on the above items, from top to bottom.

1. I know I've already posted pics of this Penelope Skirt (short version) in HandMaiden Ottawa, but I don't think I've shown you it all blocked and neatly hanging on display. So here 'tis, one last time.

2. My first Christmas stocking! It's made in Irish Aran wool and is the Star Brocade pattern in the "Knit Christmas Stockings" book, which has designs I liked so much I bought it plus some wool to make stockings for us, so we can get rid of the tacky red felt jobs with the white fuzz at the cuff. Some years ago, I thought it would be cool to write our names in gold glitter on the white fuzz. Well, now it just looks like doo-doo.

3. Another EZ Baby Surprise Jacket, this one made in Fleece Artist Bluefaced Leicester DK, about a 9-12 mo. size. The yarn is so soft and sproingy--a total treat to knit with. Note the hanger it's on, with the adorable mousie. Presentation is everything!

I'm close to finishing a couple of personal projects of the smaller variety--a pair of socks that I began in September!, jeez I'm slow, and a scarf that was supposed to be my erstwhile bro's Xmas gift. (He liked his gift from Ikea, however.) And Jason's sweater is humming along--the sleeves are now joined to the body and I'm doing the raglan decreases. Since it's a henley neck, I am going to have to make a placket, which calls for--eek! my first steek! I'll keep you posted on that.

Maybe what my dachshund has isn't ordinary dandruff.

I finally got Jimmy to hold still long enough for a decent pic, and it was taken Christmas Day when we had snow flurries, which didn't stick, of course. And the 3 to 7 inches we were supposed to get on the valley floor today? Pfft. Never happened. But that's ok, because as the cliche goes, "you don't have to shovel rain."

Here's hoping you all are keeping warm and dry! I'll post again before the New Year if I have something blogworthy. If not, I'll save my resolutions for next post.

oh look, it's a picture of my bodyguard!
Yes Flutter, he is in a perpetual state of Defcon 5, ready to void his bladder and bowels upon anyone who would dare to mess with you. :P
Jimmy is very cute. I bet he's a good body guard, if he's anything like my Ginger, he could chew an ankle off in what... three months. Nice FO's too!!
I had no idea you were a yarn slave! ;) My goodness, what cute stuff. The dog is adorable. We are surrounded by snow, but none on my own doorstep yet. It is cold enough for it though.
Your Jimmy looks as ferocious as our "killer shih tzu", and just as adorable! Looks like you sort of had a white Christmas! Your FO's look glorious! I can't wait to hear (read?) about the harrowing 'steek' adventures!!
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