Wednesday, December 12, 2007


What's that penguin doing on top of the telly?


A FO Christmas gift, perhaps the goofiest thing I've ever made...but above all, homage to a great Monty Python sketch. Ready, everybody? Say it with me...




This will be a brief post, as I have sock yarn and a couple ounces of raw silk soaking in preparation for today's dyeing. Have had to scale back my Christmas knitting, as I'll be lucky to finish a scarf and a pair of Fetchings by the 24th, Jason's sweater is (alas) nowhere near where it should be, and forget the gray pashmina-style shawl I'd planned to make for my sis-in-law, who likes her accessories in "black, gray and neutrals". She's getting a gift card. To be completely honest, if I were going to make a fine-gauge wrap, I'd make it in a divine color, such as magenta or lapis. I'd bought 6 balls of Frog Tree Alpaca Sport in gray...but it's going back to the yarn shop.

Hope you aren't experiencing holiday stress. Me, I've decided I'm just not gonna play this year. Oh, I'm getting gifts for the family, but my side of the family (mom and bro) are huge on giving fancy gifts. Aside from having neither the funds nor the time, I just don't feel up for that anymore! Went to a department store last night and made somewhat of a dent in the shopping...I have to go to the mall tomorrow for one stinkin' gift; my mother asked me to get her Clinique moisturizer. At least it's one store; in and out.

Have a great rest of the week, my friends!

OMG I LOVE your pengooin!! I love penguins, you did a great job! Your shawl is gorgeous, and I love the name!
he is SO cute. Hey did you ever get last minute knitted gifts?
Love that penguin, and totally with you on "not playing" this year. Best wishes and happy holidays
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