Sunday, December 09, 2007


Pattern for sale!

My knitting has never looked so good! I can only credit the photographic, design, and pattern writing/presentation skills of Lee at Yarnoverlounge.com for this beautiful picture. This design, officially titled the "Cagney & Lacey Shawl", is available for download at Yarnoverlounge under "Patterns for Sale". If you visit the site, do check out Lee's designs, as she created the gorgeous skirt in this photo and other flowing, feminine items.

The Ideas Won't Stop

I'm finding, as Lee told me I would, that designing is addicting--and it sure helps to be working in a yarn shop. I know, another addiction, just what I need! Ah well. I gave up most of the really destructive addictions some time ago, so this isn't so bad. Anyway, I submitted a lace scarf design to ShibuiKnits a couple of weeks ago, and while I know it takes time to hear back from them yay or nay, I'm totally antsy about it. I'm knitting a sample of my design in a different yarn, so if they reject it, I'll be able to move right along and market it elsewhere. That's the nature of addiction: it makes you do stuff like plug along on your design instead of tend to your Christmas knitting, which is piling up and it's minutes away from December 10th, yikes!

The 10th of December also happens to be the birthday of someone special.

The gentleman on the right: my dad. Happy 76th! The man has loved the Boston Red Sox ever since he was a child. So when they won the World Series in 2004 after 86 years, and then again in 2007, I celebrated most of all for Dad, for how happy he was to see it.

This photo is circa 1978, shortly after our family moved to the Portland area from the North Shore of Boston. Check out the hair on my teenage bro! Yeah, I'm going to see him Christmas Eve. I'm not gonna let a minor thing like hating him keep me away from the family gathering.

Gotta update some links on me blog template, and also monkey with my burgeoning website--so I guess that's enough outta me for tonight. Thanks all, for enduring yet another shawl pic! The last one I'll post, now that it's published. It was important to do something to celebrate, so Michelle and I went out for dessert.

Hey, congratulations! The shawl looks fabulous.

My seven-year-old son--and half the boys in his school--have the exact same haircut now. They think they're doing something new and different. I'm guessing brown corduroys and striped t-shirts aren't far behind.
that is my GIRL!
Congratulations on the shawl pattern!
CONGRATULATIONS!!! Y'know, if you ever need a test knitter...you know who to email. I'm so proud of you!!
WOW. My 3rd's bday is Dec.10th too! I'm guessin your dad didn't have a gaggle of giggling girls making a zillon cookies for his bday, though he might of liked that....hee hee. I can laugh now, the mess is cleaned up.
Very cool shawl, keep 'em comin!
Beautiful shawl Sharon. Love the scale of it.
Thanks so much for the shawl kudos, guys! If stoopid Blogger would let me, I'd email everybody individually, because your comments and kind words always make my day. Truly.
Hey Sharon!
Small world....I lived on the North Shore of Boston for many years, parents still do. Where about are you from?

(the rabid rush fan from massachusetts)
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