Friday, December 14, 2007


Holy poop on a stick.

If you're a South Park fan, you'll recognize the line as uttered in astonishment by Mr. Garrison in the inimitable drawl that Trey Parker gave him. I have news to share that has made me barely coherent. I found out this morning that I received an endorsement from...are you ready?

Lime & Violet!

Scroll down to the Dec. 13 post, and you will see *MY SHAWL PATTERN* pictured and linky-linked as a last minute gift suggestion! OMFG, I'm so stoked I can't stand it! There just aren't enough exclamation points in the world to put across how that made me feel. Like I'd been canonized, or shot out of a cannon, something like that. Anyway, if the mention makes more folks buy the pattern, that'll be marvy--I'm just mainly ecstatic at having my "15 minutes".

In An Effort To Land My Plane

Let me show you the latest from the dyepot.

Here are 2 ounces--about 100 yards--of handspun, undyed Tussah silk that I scored at Black Sheep Gathering last summer. It had been sitting in my stash, when inspiration struck last week. I call the colorway "Parisienne" and it perfectly suits my boss's mom, so I am giving it to her.

And the sock yarn: "Tom Sawyer" (top) and "Xanadu" (bottom).

it's always so much fun seeing people enjoy their 15 minutes. I'd give you 30, if I could :)
Congrats on the mention! I've downloaded the 'cast and saw the link, but I'm saving it for MAX commuting next week. I LOVE it when people I know get big mentions: Judy of Magic Cast On fame was mentioned by Knitty and Cat Bordhi, MonicaPDX and Swell Yarn Sho were both metioned by Yarn Harlot, and now you by Lime and Violet. Heck, I when my blog got mentioned once by Kelly on KnitPicks podcast, my blog hits went "ZING!" Hope your sales do twice as much ZINGING!
Wow, all the blogs I read are becoming celebs!!! Love the Xanadu, looks very cool!
Congrats on the shout out!! The shawl is fab & you totally deserve it!! :)
That is so AWESOME!! Way to go, famous lady!! Love yer yarns too, they are so pretty!!
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