Thursday, November 29, 2007


the way-yay-ting is the hardest part...

I've never been much of a Tom Petty fan, but sometimes it's pretty tough to play the waiting game. Been there and done that, such as with the home pregnancy test I took in February 1990 that came up pink, and the biopsy I underwent last winter for a rare, and usually deadly, form of breast cancer that thankfully came up negative (which is why I'm still here and blogging).

What I'm waiting on this time around is to find out if my design for a lace scarf that I submitted today to a local yarn company will be accepted or rejected. I can't share more of the particulars than that, as I'm finding that the knit design world can be dog-eat-dog, it's just that I'm more hopeful and eager to be published than I ever imagined I would be a short time ago! I'm repeating to myself that it's no big deal if these folks aren't interested, because that means I can shop the design (which I think is really cool, if I do say so myself) around to other places, and I also have plenty more ideas percolating around in my brain. I'm just hoping that my designs sell sooner rather than later, because my cash-flow woes continue. I love buying Christmas gifts for my friends and family, but because I chose to do what I'm doing, that's not going to be possible this year. While it's true that my hand dyed yarns are selling quite well, as are my stitch markers (they are now available at A Grand Yarn in Spokane as well as Twisted in Portland, so there, boss lady!), I'm just impatient for my post-corporate earnings to grow. Being a starving artist sucks big time, trust me on that.

When Mental Illness Strikes, Go To Your Fastball

Hoo boy. Guess what? I had a real big meltdown this week! Feelings of rage and helplessness, extreme irritability, with my teen bearing the brunt of it and my reactions to stress triggers way out of proportion to the situation. Before things could get any worse, I got myself to a doctor, who reassured me I wasn't bipolar (because I don't sleep anymore-- I'm skeining undyed yarn to be dyed, or skeining dyed yarn, or knitting up swatches--anything but taking care of myself,) but that my depression, which I have been managing by downing a 75 mg. Effexor with my morning coffee, heading out the door and forgetting about it, has gotten considerably worse and my meds needed to be doubled. He also prescribed a mild tranq for the short term, which is SCHWEET. I slept great last night. Better living through chemistry. With that, I'll be OK until my system ramps up to the new dose, and then da future's so bright I gotta wear shades! Back on the street with Doc Feelgood. Yes yes yes.

Yarn Pics

Here are the latest from my dyepot, and I have another one still drying.

"Secret Touch"

"YYZ" (Sold!)


"The Body Electric" (which I think is kind of meh)

Hey, thanks for being in the trenches with me--my love to you all. I'm now being kicked off the computer by the 17-year-old evil despot I live with; in actuality, I'd rather relinquish it to her than listen to her godawful music, so it's really a trade-off.

I'm here and listening.
I love the body electric. I understand the meltdowns. Had one myself a few weeks ago. Be careful w/effexor and blood pressure. Celexa puts me to sleep at night AND worked without trauma in the med switch from 150 mg of Effexor. I wouldn't have believed anything else would work and was scared to death to switch. So glad I did.
A gals gotta do what a gals gotta do! Hang in there my sistah, and the money woes will pass, you've only been doing this gig for a few months, give yourself at least a year to really be making money and and a 'cushion' between you and starvin.
Chemistry iz goooood... keeps me from punching certain neighbors in the face. heh

Love the yarn!
You are so cool, for a second there I wondered why you named one of your yarns after the code for the Toronto International Airport, but then of course I remembered the Rush connection, lol. My sister got pretty sleepless when she was going through menopause, I don't know if that's a possibility? That will surely screw with your psyche...My fingers are crossed you hear soon about your design, and I've got a listening ear, too! :)
thank you everybody...& Kiki, I was startled when a Canadian Rush fan reminded me that "YYZ" is of course pronounced "Why Why Zed"...and here I'd been mispronouncing it all these years! ;)
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