Monday, November 05, 2007


Some days are like that.


Love knitting so much that you dream of working in a LYS? If you land a job in one, I hope it is truly everything you want it to be. Let me just say that there's a big, BEEG difference between being paid to sit and knit all day--(if you want to do that, be a test knitter)--and working in a LYS. Because as nice, friendly and charming as yarn shops are, (uh oh here comes the kvetching,) it is still retail, folks. Reee-tayylll. What you earn isn't enough to pay the bills, and sometimes--not all the time, but sometimes--you have to take crap. Sometimes from customers, sometimes from management. The crude expression I first heard at my first job as a teen still rings true: shit does, indeed, roll downhill.

Yeah, the honeymoon's over. Blinders came off today, so to speak, and I now have a much clearer picture of the establishment in which I work and how it is run. The reality is harsh when you finally see it for what it is: as an employee, you represent X amount of dollars. Expenditures: your wages. Those may be partially offset by the earning potential you bring to the establishment. Clearly, and contrary to what I believed when I started this job, what I have to offer is of no value to management. And even though it stung to find that out, I'm glad I know what's what. Very glad, in fact, that I learned the truth sooner rather than later.

Do I want to continue working there? Yes, for the time being. I can knit while at work, as long as the shop isn't busy and I am making something for the shop. I have a co-worker who is intelligent and pleasant, whose company I enjoy. The overwhelming majority of the shop's customers are nice people, and a lot of them bring their dogs, so that's a bonus. But it is just a job, after all. All I owe the proprietress is a full shift of required tasks correctly executed, nothing more. And I shall conduct myself accordingly from this day forward.

Website updated!

Since I'm no web wizardress, I used a sucky template from Yahoo Web Design--however, there is now a lot more to stitchjones.com than a single page. It'll take quite a lot more time and work to build the kind of website I want, but for now at least visitors can see who I am and what I do. My goal is to do something each day to develop and expand this fever dream I call a "business plan". I actually have a sales appointment tomorrow, so I really should get my beauty sleep. Nity nite all, thanks for staying up with me over warm milk. And I'll do my damndest not to grouse any more about where I work, because I'm well aware that the decision to cast myself into a sea of financial insecurity was mine. It's just that no matter how much we think we want something, the unforeseen has a way of knocking us on our round little asses. Such is the case with how my day went.

Sorry to hear you hit a bump in the road. Of course now I'm morbidly curious about what happened! LOL

Good luck with the sales appointment today! Hope to see you on Thursday at Insomnia, if I can make it this time. :)
unfortunately, most days are like that, here :(

the site looks GREAT babe, I am really really proud of you!
Yep, I work retail too and some days are just like that. I'm lucky, my immediate manager is awesome. The store runs well only because everyone loves him and wants to make him look good. Beyond that… I get base plus commission and I'm good at what I do so it pays the bills. I love some of our customers. I genuinely love furniture and interior design so it gives me a thrill to help an appreciative customer with their design needs. It sucks way less than my former career working in advertising. But I hear you.
Hi Sharon! Sorry to read about your mishap at work. Test knitting has its downside too, trust me on that. We can trade war stories via email if you like. I'm looking forward to your new website. To say that I'm proud of you would be an understatement. Keep the dream alive. Remember Indian Larry, "Do what you love and the money will follow."
Wow. Sounds like you were the windshield when the reality ball came screaming in today! It's a shame, isn't it,that almost all jobs end up coming to the sad fact that what we have to offer is usually not valued to mgmt? I'm sure what you have to offer is of great value, just not to THEM!

Hang in there! I'm sure some time will smooth out the stung spot a bit....
Oh, the bitter irony of unintended consequences. I'm sorry for your crappy experience. I think the only way to avoid that sort of thing is to work for yourself. And your new website looks great! Very professional and stylish.

My new favorite saying: "Yarn is patient." Thanks!
First of all, your site is awesome! B, sorry to hear you had a problem at work, that sucks, and third, like you said, it's only a job, hang in there, kiddo! :)
yep-Murphys law. Its real, believe it.But, maybe the good days will out number the bad ones.Hang in there sister, only 45 more years til retirement....
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