Friday, November 09, 2007


Christmas is coming! (look busy)

No need for me to look busy, as my previous post indicated. I recently had an inquiry from someone looking for handknit Christmas ornaments, and having seen this back in the Dark Ages of knitting (that would be around 2000 or 2001) in Family Circle Easy Knitting (are they now out of print? I stopped buying it after I discovered Interweave Knits), and filing it away in my subconcious until That Exact Moment, I proposed miniature knitting bag ornaments to her. She liked the idea and asked me to make her two, no wait, four. I just need to get another ball of Aran to finish the order, but here's what I have so far.

Since I never seem to throw away any yarn, I have a plastic bin full of oddments and endments, and I've been having a good time putting colors together. Also, I loved making the "needles"--just toothpicks, beads and Elmer's glue! Uh oh, I'm starting to sound like Martha Frickin' Stewart. I'm outta here before the SEC shows up, but I just wanted to run the idea by you guys and see if anybody thinks they might do well on Etsy. I'd sell them in sets of two or three.

It's been a great knitting workout this morning, but I'd best grab a shower and be off to work. Have a slammin' weekend!

I just think those are so cute!

Anyway. . . I'm hereby tagging you for a meme! :)
They are adorable!!!
Those are so frickin cute! I would definitely put them on Etsy, they would do well I think!
Great idea! I think they're darling; I bet they do well on Etsy and probably on Ebay, too. How about ones with "dream stash", ie, little tiny skeins/balls of much coveted yarns like Koigu, Manos, KidSilk Haze?
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