Thursday, November 08, 2007


Busy, busy, busy!

Much has happened since my last post, and all of it good. I have a feeling my blogging frequency is going to fall off a bit, as I am working harder than ever--but when I do things that make me happy, such as beading, dyeing and knitting, it doesn't feel like work!

Without getting into the specifics of what transpired at Dublin Bay, let's just say that my hand dyed yarn and beaded accessories will not be available there. And that's fine--really! No one is obligated to buy my products. And by the same token, I am not obligated to do such things as I had previously been doing at the owner's behest--such as announcing new products at the shop using my Ravelry ID. I have my own business to promote and run! I'm also not under any obligation to disclose any details about Stitchjones to my employer, since we do not do business together.

But the happy news is, my gorgeous, hand-beaded stitch markers--both ring type and lobster clasp--are available at Twisted. Some of my hand dyed yarns are also available there. Twisted is a great place for sock yarn, and they are also incredibly supportive of local crafters and fiber artists, especially those like me, who are endeavoring to make a little money at it. So far, the response about my products has been overwhelmingly positive, and I am a happy busy girl!

Let me show you the newest of my hand dyes. I just put three up on Etsy.

In order from top to bottom, these are more Rush worship colorways: "The Trees," "Roll the Bones" (ever reminding me that sock yarn dyeing, like life, is a crapshoot,) and "Summertime Blues." The boys covered that teen-angst classic a couple of years ago. Michelle hates Rush, but she likes that cover, so it was she who suggested I do this colorway. Of course, she gets her cut when it sells.

And this one is custom dyed for the queen of all things dark and divine, Flutter.

There has also been knitting--honest! But I'll have to save that for next post. Now I'm going to calm down and eat some fruit or something. (thanks to M. Night Shyamalan for that great line from "Signs".)

I have really enjoyed getting to know you through our coffee meetups!! I love the colors that you are coming up with!! I will have to check out your stitch markers the next time I am at Twisted!!
moola coming your way, baby. I am so happy and so proud of you!
Gorgeous colourways, I'm loving the trees and summertime the best!
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