Friday, October 26, 2007


Yarn happy

I don't know exactly how it happened, but I am in no less than 12 groups on Ravelry. I even started one! C'mon, take a wild guess. Yup, I'm the moderator for "Rush Ravelers." When I started it last week, I didn't think anyone would be interested, because I've never met another knitter who didn't give me a blank stare when I mentioned my favorite band. That only goes to prove that I haven't met enough knitters, because we have 16 members. Yow!

To the amount of time I've spent on various Ravelry groups and forums, add the fact that the Red Sox are in the World Series and the fact that my work week at the LYS has gone from 24 to 30 hours. It's all good--I get to knit in addition to helping customers, helping keep shop and teaching. I just don't have any FO's, other than a pair of Fetchings I managed to bang out yesterday for a former co-worker who lost one of the pair I knit for her and asked for a replacement. Unsure if I could duplicate it exactly, I just made her a new pair. The Forest Canopy Shawl is a couple pattern repeats and bottom edging away from being done--I can't believe how fast it went! Blocking the thing will be a bit of a challenge space-wise, but I'm eager to finish it and have it around my shoulders over Thanksgiving in chilly Spokane.

I am so totally stoked that I still haven't been able to "land my plane"! Sold five of my hand dyes yesterday, and received a custom order today! This thing is beginning to roll. I've got a couple skeins of undyed Kona Superwash, and I'm eager to see how that takes dye. I also have about 2400 yards (6 hanks, or 6 pairs of socks) of "Monty" fingering weight merino on order.

Fresh from the LYS

Resistance is futile--it was bound to happen. I got into the Fleece Artist and HandMaiden. On top is about 1000 yards of Fleece Artist 2/8 Bluefaced Leicester, cuddly soft, in the "Cosmic Dawn" colorway. I have been salivating over the stuff since my first day of work. It's practically screaming to be made into a round shawl.

The second yarn is my birthday present from Tricia! Oh, man, is she like the best boss EVAR. It's HandMaiden Camelspin, camel/silk. Gorgeous, like buddah. My co-worker, Chrissy, has designed the most wonderful Feather Lace Shawl, especially for Seasilk or other fingering weight yarn. I think this would be beautiful knit up in her pattern.

Today has been a most excellent birthday. Now I'm not telling my age, just that it's the 23rd anniversary of my 29th birthday. 'K? Not only did I get calls, Rav mail and blog comments wishing me a happy happy, but the icing on the cake, if you will, was that my Michelle got her driver's license today! I'm having the typical parental response. Celebrate on the outside, worry on the inside. I figured she'd take the car tonight, but she went to the movies with a friend who is 18 and doesn't have any restrictions on her license. (Michelle can't drive her friends around for 6 months--I'm really gonna have to keep enforcing that one.)

Happy Birthday (a little late, but then we were a little early on Thursday)! :)

The yarn is lovely. I covet that camel/silk blend!

Great to finally meet you. Hope to see you again soon. :)
See? Told you you have what it takes
In honor of your '29'th b-day, I listened to a Rush song and wrote them a mash note and signed your name. Your welcome. Please ignore any mail from lawyers about stalking. Hope this year is a blessed one for you, even if it's spent in the pen.
Happy late birthday! I'm like you, I quit at 29, too! :) Glad to hear your business is taking off and you are enjoying your new job!
thanks everybody! roflmao uber--I just don't understand that restraining order. ;)
Happy birfday toooooooo yoooooooo! From me. :)
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