Monday, October 29, 2007


Two victories: one little, one huge

First, the Big Win

Color me happy:

What can I say about this team that hasn't already been said? "Not your father's Red Sox" comes to mind. Or your grandpa's, for that matter.


Last night I did some virtual partying--um, make that "pahtying"-- with the Sox Knitters on Ravelry. And as for a certain, well-known knitblogger and Yankee fan I love to hate, well, she can just...


I normally don't gloat...but damn it feels good to be a gangsta.

A Triumph Of The Little Variety

Here's the Forest Canopy Shawl, all pinned out and blocking. It's my first completed, honest-to-God lace shawl, and I'm kinda pleased!

Congrats all around...allthough I'm more of a Soccer fan myself.
The shawl looks Stunning!
The shawl came out beautifully!! That is so very pretty. I really have to try my hand at that shawl knitting business and actually cast on for one. Back to knitting the sweaters....*groan* hehehe. I hope you are doing fantastic!
wow, how long did it take you to finish that shawl? Looks way beyond my meager skills.
Wow, the shawl is gorgeous! Did you finish that in, like, a week, or am I having blackouts again? Beautiful work!
Being a Canadian, I was born wearing the proverbial hockey equipment, so don't really understand baseball (or hockey, for that matter) but congrats on the win, my hubby says it's the 2nd in 4 years, so the curse is lifted (whatever that means) ;) I have two words for your shawl: Gor Geous!!
thank you for the kudos! I love kudos. And pizza. Kudos and pizza.

Forest Canopy is an awesome pattern. It took less than two weeks from start to finish, and I'm no speed knitter! I used a sportweight/DK yarn (Silky Wool) and size 7 needles.

Though I have true laceweight in my stash, I'll probably trade it. Haven't got the patience! :)
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