Monday, October 01, 2007


PDX meets PHX

Pull up a chair, pour yourself a tall cool one (or a nice hot cup of tea, extra foam latte, or whatever your heart desires,) smoke em if you got em, and settle in, because I've got stories and pics!

J. and I had a great time in Phoenix, and the highlight for me was meeting Christine. We had lunch at a Chinese restaurant in Scottsdale, and then we visited her favorite LYS, Jessica Knits. Although the shop has a "no photos" policy, I can tell you that Jessica was, and still is, having an incredible sale! We were like drunken bees in a summer garden, and we both ended up with gorgeous yarn at great prices. Here's my haul:

In the first photo is a trio of Lobster Pot yarns, all the way from the Cape of Cod in Massachusetts. I am also from Massachusetts, although I grew up on the North Shore, not the Cape. So as soon as I cast on with this beautiful, hand-dyed wool/mohair yarn, I'm sure my accent will come back and I'll be uttering such strange things as "wheah's yah caah" and "Go Sawx!"
The yarns were bagged together, and I got them for half price. But as they say in those obnoxious commercials, "that's not all!" The second photo is of two skeins of Artyarns' Supermerino, which I got for the insane price of $5.50 each.

Christine also made me a beautiful pair of Swarovski crystal earrings, which I solemnly swear I will show you next post. She's an absolute doll--the time we spent together flew by. For both of us, it was the first time meeting a long-distance blogging buddy. I've said it here before, I know, but the Internet is a great thing!

More Stuff About The Phoenix Trip

Whenever I go anyplace for the first time, I'm such a stereotypical tourist. I'm always on the lookout for places and things not found anywhere else. The absolute sprawl in all directions of the Phoenix area impressed us. We did quite a bit of driving for just a two-day visit, but this in particular cracked us up and got us to pull over for a photo.

I really don't know why we found that so amusing, perhaps it was the desert air affecting our brains. And then Saturday night, we had dinner at Alice Coopers'town. If you like sports and rock & roll, which hey! I like both, it's the place to be. Huge TV screens are everywhere, so no matter where you're sitting you can watch a game. Pretty decent food, too--we had the 'cue for 2. And we gawked at all the memorabilia.

The gold record is the "Killer" album from 1972, which made me a Cooper fan for life the first time I heard it. When I bought the vinyl, it came with a 1972 calendar and a large photo of Alice in a noose. A couple of years ago, Michelle came across all my record albums in a box in the garage, and that same, gruesome photo calendar I had on my wall as a teenager, now has a home on the wall above her bed.

Rock on...

OK, brace yourself, but guess what? I was born in Massachusetts too! My dad is a true New Englandar! We did move when I was 4 but my dad and strangly enough my sister, who was 14 when we moved,has and had that thick New Englandar accent. Paaaark the caaaar in the Yaaaard! Maaaars Baaaar. what a small world! hah hah
And you trip looks soo cool, er, hot. whatevah! What? Only 5 yarns? Were you on a yarn diet or something???
Uber, you're from Mass.? Geddouddaheah! Never woulda imagined. Sure is a small world. If you moved when you were 4, maybe you remember Hoodsies? (little choc/vanilla ice cream cups.) Believe me, I wanted to buy more yarn at Jessica's, but I work in a yarn shop so I can't really justify it!
Oh my god, are you sure I was just drinking tea at lunch? I look like I had a few too many....:)

It was wonderful meeting you honey and I am glad you got home safe!
What an enjoyable post! Your wrap looks great on you and looks like you and Flutter had a great time! I simply love your stitch markers and purse handles, they are to die for!!
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