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Check it out, Mrs. H at I Like Yarn has given me a special award!

And not only that, but she has launched her very own podcast, and this little ole blog of mine is among the blogs featured! Is this all too exciting or what?! Thank you, Mrs. H, I'm honored and flattered! Hugs. I enjoyed your podcast and look forward to the next installment!

I'm going to have to make this a quick blog update, 'cause the morning has gotten away from me, it's almost noon and I've gotta get in to the shop by 1:00. Between taking Michelle for her written drivers' exam, which she passed--(yay! The road test is scheduled for Friday,) and a zillion and one other errands yesterday, I managed to do some dyeing.

This is the newest of my "Grand Designs" colorways, "Mystic Rhythms." I also dyed another skein, but it fell way short of the mark and I'm not even sure that overdyeing will save it. Tomorrow I may attempt to rescucitate the patient, but I think it's a goner. Ah, well. As a master dyer once said, "you have to be willing to ruin a lot of material." That was sage advice and I revere her as a demigoddess. I'm not giving up on this dyeing thing, even if I don't sell any of it--(although I hope I can sell some, so I can get more undyed wool!) I may end up knitting some of it myself, and some might also become next year's blog contest prizes. I've decided to give my hand dyes more exposure, and start going to knitting groups (which I've been bad about, since I work in a yarn shop) to see if I can generate some interest.

We Was Robbed, Sort Of

I am still fuming today, because something was taken from the shop last week, right under my nose. And how tacky is this--it wasn't merchandise or a shop sample, it was the collection jar for Dove Lewis Emergency Animal Hospital! Gaaah! Infuriating. I feel terrible, and partly responsible, as though I wasn't watching closely enough. And it should have been obvious to me that something was up, because first some girl came in claiming she lost her phone in the shop, (creating a distraction,) and then this guy came in--maybe her boyfriend--and was wandering around. I didn't even realize the collection jar was gone until the owner told me about it yesterday. Well, I hope the thieving little bastards enjoy their new iPod songs and caramel macchiatos with the money that caring people donated to help sick animals!

I'm able to view it as a learning experience, though--although I don't want to judge anyone, there are certain people who are out of place in a yarn shop, and with a little thought and awareness it isn't too hard to figure out who they are.

The new dye job is lovely. Stupid stealing drug addict animal hating dumb heads.
As bad as it is to realize someone has stolen something -- especially something for charity -- I hope they are buying iPod songs and caramel Macchiatos. Most likely, though, they are getting another fix. :(

Sorry that happened. I'm glad, though, that they didn't try for the register drawer contents. :)
you guys are right...they were probably meth heads. That's something I don't like to think about, but it is unfortunately out there and very real.
what kind of shit head steals from animals? Jeeeeez...
People can be so crappy. I won't rattle on here with the stories of amazingly craptacular people that come in to the tattoo shop but there are MANY. I primarily came on to wish you and Michelle a belated happy birthday. I also plan on snatching up some of your hand-dyed yarn as soon as I have some extra scratch. I covet nearly all of it.
What goes around comes around. They'll get theirs.
Love the new colorway! Very pretty!

As for the thieves... jerks. This is why I prefer my animals to many people.
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