Thursday, October 04, 2007


Heads up: I'm going to be a little tacky.

OK, so why all of a sudden have the comments dried up? Is it because everybody's at that perpetual happy hour known as Ravelry? Or have I just become boring? (I'll take the virtual silence as a C&D order to stop posting Rush lyrics, if it'll help.)

You know how I work at a LYS, right? Well, my stuff is for sale there! So not only do we have a talented and prolific designer on staff, but my line of beaded accessories for knitters is growing! In addition to "stitchjones" stitch markers, both ring type and lobster clasp, my beaded bag handles will soon be featured at Dublin Bay. I made three new sets today.

These were all made with wood beads. Black beaded handles to follow, just as soon as I can find some black beads that don't look like ass.

Another heads up...I'm afraid my days blogging as "Chickenlips" are numbered. It was a good run, and I got some very nice comments from readers who liked the name, but I'm thinking it might be a good idea to consolidate my online presence, seeing as how I'm developing my own line of merch. There will be the next generation of handpainted yarns, along with the beaded items. I'm "stitchjones" on Ravelry, but Chickenlips in the blogosphere and "mymommadethis" on Etsy. That seems pretty scattered, and it's time for me to do something about it.

Where the name "Stitch Jones" came from: in the Clint Eastwood film Heartbreak Ridge, the character "Stitch Jones" was adorably played by Mario Van Peebles as a wannabe rock star in a slacker platoon of Marines, and it's Clint's job to whip them into shape, yada yada. The name is a great play on words for a knitting addiction, and it also fits me, since I too am a wannabe rock star! I own a Fender electric bass and have had a few lessons. I can play simplified bass lines to songs such as "Brand New Day", "Blow Away" (George Harrison, My Sweet George,) and "It Don't Come Easy." In a pinch, I can also play the descending bass on a song by Denis Leary that is so obscene I cannot publish the title here. Oh don't worry, I'm not going to quit my LYS gig to go on tour with Insane Clown Posse...you know, I might have worked with that bunch about 10 years ago when I was an office temp! Kidding. Seriously, though, I'd like to be known as "stitchjones" from here on out, and within the next few months I'll be setting up my website.

Life Interferes With Crafting Dept.: Today being a day off, (and GOD how I love being off that Monday-Friday treadmill,) I took Michelle to have all her wisdom teeth out. Poor kid! She's just shy of 17 and hasn't ever been through anything this major. I was in my 20's when I had my wisdom teeth extracted, but it wasn't all of them and certainly not all four at once. That's quite an ordeal. The pain medication has nauseated her, which isn't good when you want to stop the bleeding from oral surgery. (Sorry for yuck.) I put in an emergency call to the dentist an hour ago, but I don't think he's going to call back. I'm hoping she can just sleep some more, because she should be a lot better by tomorrow, although if she gets any worse I'm going to take her down to the ER.

Dried up comments? How can that be?

Hey thanks for tagging my CPH as a favorite- it was such a little surprise to notice- I was confused for a minute.

When I got the bad teeth out the oral surgeon had said, we'll be taking three out. Then when I got there he said, "oh look, there's a fourth one!"

Sending clotting thoughts her way and looking forward to consolidation although I really like the name Chickenlips. Can I still cally you that sometimes?
I'll miss you here :(

The handles are gorgeous. Have I mentioned I am proud of you?
I've noticed the same thing about my comments...not that I've ever had any in the double digits or anything but, y'know...less than usual. Thank you for dropping by to let me know that someone out there still hearts me...hehehe. I love the new creative endeavors! Keep on movin' and groovin' lady. Regarding the name change, a rose still smells as sweet when called by any other name.
Oh, how is she doing today? My son, who will be 18 this month, had his out in the middle of June. It was pretty intense for all of us too. I hope she's doing better. Our oral surgeon took forever to call us back as well. Hmm, maybe it's the same guy?

One of these Wednesdays, I will drop by DB and see you. Tricia has a couple of books on order for me. It will be nice to meet another local knitter.
The handles are great. I like the stitch markers too, they are so addicting to make.
I just came from Flutter - I'm 1/1 on commenting! Those handles are awesome (If I only learned how to make a bag now...)
Your handles are great, I forgot to mention that in my last comment. I recognized the "Heartbreak Ridge" reference, 'cause that's a favourite of my hubby's and mine, we are always quoting the scene where Clint gets all "Clint Eastwood" on the guys... "You shouldn't litter, Fag-etti..", you know what I mean...I think consolidating all your crafty personnas is a good idea. You give me the addy and I'll visit, and you know I'll be commenting :) Hope Michelle is feeling better soon, that can take a lot out of you!
I love that scene too! Everything Stitch said cracked me up. Thanks for the good wishes about Michelle--she is still pretty uncomfortable, but the dentist said that by tomorrow she would be feeling much better. I hope so. :)
Yikes! When I was reading I thought you were gonna ditch us and quit blogging! Horrors! I'm glad its just a name morph- I can handle that. I like it, it does sound lots better! I hope by today your daughter's mouth is doin good, I had all mine out when I was 29, and that same week I found out I was pregant with my first child and my dad died. fun times.
Yeay, you're going all commercial on us, but as others have said, I'm glad you're still going to be writing (cuz that's what it is, even if our English teachers wouldn't recognize it as such). And best wishes to Michelle, having your wisdom teeth out just sucks for a while. If she gets too bothersome, you can just remind her childbirth is harder....that'll give her something to think about, hee hee.
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