Saturday, September 15, 2007


This knitter is on a mission from GOD.

Elwood: Uh, Bob, aren't you forgetting something?

Bob (of Bob's Country Bunker): Oh, that's right. Let's see...$200, plus you boys drank $300 worth of beer.

Elwood: Well, the waitress never charged us for the first round, so we thought beer was, like, complimentary for the band.

Bob: Uh, no. No.

~dialogue from The Blues Brothers, 1980


Today, I worked my first shift at Dublin Bay Knitting Co.

Net pay: $36.00.

Yarn purchases: upward of $53.00.

I'm-working-in-a-yarn-store happiness factor: priceless.

But hey! My new yarn is beautiful. Check it out.

I want to make myself a sparkly, diaphanous wrap. I'm resisting the urge to begin immediately, as I want to finish...just ONE PROJECT...arggh...

Still on needles: 2nd Monkey sock, 2nd Very tall sock, and last night I cast on for a simple lace sock called, what else?, "Dublin Bay." It's a free pattern that can be found here. Seems I've got that particular mental condition where you can't stop knitting socks...are you ready?





I'm also working on a wrap, although it's for the Shawl Ministry, not for me.

It's the Argosy wrap in Lion Fisherman's Wool.


You all were so very kind in your comments about my daughter's friend whose dad died. Thank you so much for the good wishes. We haven't seen him the past few days, as his mother did make it into town, and many things are up in the air for him right now. At least he has some family around to look after him.

At the moment, my daughter and three guy friends are seated on the family room floor playing "Sex In The City: The Home Game." Now before y'all start calling Family Services, let me assure you that there really is such a thing! I think it's kind of cool that in our somewhat hick town, there are three straight young males who not only know what Manolo Blahniks are, but they also know the power of them.

Doesn't that give you hope for the future?

Sockosis. Oh my god, you are so grounded...
Purty yarn. When you're at work do you like... sniff the yarn when no one is looking? I would. heehee
You had better watch out or you will have more yarn than Dublin Bay. Seriously though, the yearn you picked out is quite pretty. I really liked the colors.
ahhh, fiesta yarn, yeah babee! Very SMART choice there. And don't Dan and Bill( right?) look so young? golly, seems like yesterday........
I think the theory behind working is that you are supposed to bring home MORE than you spend at the store! I could be wrong, though, since yarn fumes interfere with my rational thinking skills.
The Fiesta is fabulous!!! What are you going to knit from it? I had no idea they were doing sparkly things with it now.

Breathe.... breathe......
My first shift at DB is next Monday, and if you're going to be working on Saturdays we'll be there together! I am seriously concerned about what her stock of Handmaiden is going to do to my wallet - my hubby will NOT be happy if I end up in the red every week because I can't control myself!!!
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