Sunday, September 23, 2007


Reveling in Ravelry, and OFFF

Cue Etta James:

"Aaaaat Laaaast....my Ravelry invite has come along..."

No, but seriously, I'm on! Yeah! My username is "stitchjones." Now, I can ignore my family AND my blog! Isn't the 21st century just the best?

Yesterday I worked at the yarn shop, and I Did Not Buy Anything. I did, however, get my boss's approval to knit a shop sample which I am very excited about, and I will blog about that in a future post.

Today is Jason's birthday. Since Rania made that wonderful cake for me, I was off the hook for baking him a birthday cake. I am, however, cooking him a nice dinner, so I've got to try to squeeze in a blog update. I sneaked down to Canby this afternoon for Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival. Apparently, the PDX Knitbloggers were there yesterday en masse, so being there today I didn't see anyone I recognized. I also made a wrong turn, but it must have been meant to be, because how often can you see a whole field of dahlias?!

I believe my restraint was admirable at the show, because I visited the booths of Blue Moon Fiber Arts and Carolina Homespun, and Did Not Buy Anything. However, from a wool pusher called "The Loopy Ewe" I bought two hanks of WONDERFUL undyed fingering wt. yarn. One is merino, not superwash so it could felt, so I'm going to save that when I can dye as brilliantly as Shelly, Tina or Janel. And the other is Panda, the merino/bamboo/nylon combo. I got them at a good price, along with a jar of dye, and some dyeing tips 'n' hints. I am a sponge for that kind of thing--I soak up as much info about dyeing as I possibly can.

And of course, I couldn't visit Shelly's booth and not buy anything from her. I got some of her beautiful yarn, which I'd like to make into either a Baby Surprise Jacket or a hat. There's probably enough for both.

I also gave in to my covetous urge for this book.

"Rushed but happy." There's my epitaph.

I am neglecting my ravelry, but I love it...I do.
Sharon, sorry we missed you at OFFF, darn it. Next year you'll just have to put in for your day off on Saturday. [g] Plan to come and spend the whole day, so you can sit around and yack! (Which I didn't get to do nearly enough of this time.) Very cool yarn from Shelly - and wonderful shot of the dahlia field!
No need to 'give in' to buying a Barbara Walker book, thats a must have need kinda book. No choice in it. Very deep yarn envy......
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