Sunday, September 02, 2007


Now I know why knitting used to be considered work.

Sock 1 of Knitty's Very Tall Socks.

This took roughly a month to knit, as it is about 30" in length and was made on size 2 dpn. I kind of felt like I was working in a sweatshop, what with it being August and me being post-menopausal and everything. Good thing I like to knit! This here is 2 hanks of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted in Rainbow, @ $17.00 a pop.

Holy underwear... that's almost $70.00 for a pair of socks! I can't believe I'm making them for a co-worker who asked me to make her socks she could wear with garters. When oh when, will I learn my lesson and use Encore, or 220 superwash, for something like this?! I mean, I don't think I spent that much on yarn to make a whole sweater for my husband, fer cryin' out loud!

"But Chickenlips," the yarn piped up, "can you get flashy colors like this in Encore?" Ah yes, the color, there's the rub. This was knit cuff down, and the colorway behaved beautifully, making nice, regularly striped rounds. Then when I decreased, it started to go a little wonky...I decreased some more, and all hell broke loose. Kinda like a cartoon TV picture, those zigzaggy jags!

Not sure if the recipient will love it or hate it--not sure if I do, either. The only thing I do know is that it sure is a busy Garter Sock, with a lot goin' on. And with these, she can also wear a miniskirt on the coldest day of the year. I'm talkin' thick socks, dude. Worsted!

My goal is just to cast on for the second one before going back to work Tuesday. A bit of encouraging news today: I went into the LYS (I prefer not to reveal the name of the shop until I know if I'm hired) and chatted with the owner. Apparently I am still being considered for employment, because the other person didn't work out. I'm going back Friday afternoon for an interview. It would only be a couple of days a week at first, until the busy season really hits. I'd be teaching beginning knit classes on Saturdays, and encouraged to knit shop samples and design. Quite a difference from my first LYS work experience--I won't say anything negative about the shop or the owner, because both are very nice, but the chance to knit and design there? Not so much. (At the last, I got to design a scarf, but that was pretty much it.)

So, while I'm wavering between a forced neutrality and guarded optimism, I will say that it's looking good.

Hannibal Teh Lolcat

How original...not. So who cares if he makes it on I Can Has Cheezburger?

I've fallen in love with him, having brought him home as a tiny shelter bebeh who came down with a virus 48 hrs. after adoption. Now he's all better--except for occasional sneezing, which he often does close to my face, and he's become a spazkitty, er, "normal healthy kitten." Dive-bombing into my yarn, tearing psychotically around the house for about 10-15 minute intervals, then crashes (see above photo). I understand, though, that when you love a kitten, you've gotta take the good with the bad. For every minute of sweet snuggly purring, there's at least a minute of being a little bastard...

Michelle and I are having a snack attack, so we're off to Denny's. I love a 3-day weekend--I'll try to squeeze in one more blog post before it ends!

Nity nite...pleasant dreams.

Are they really that neon yellow and hot pink that shows up on my computer? If they are, then rock on, baby! Don't know if I could get by wearing them with a mini in a law firm (or wear a mini at all, for that matter. But I think they're great!

BTW, thanks for the comment on my blog! Don't think we've actually met, yet. Are you going to OFFF?
Those socks ?stockings are amazing- yes I too have caught myself spending more on "oh, will you knit me" yarn than I might on myself. I'm certain it has to do with physics and the theory of relativity.
hi bobbie! the socks are actually more rainbow-colored--I tend to beef up the contrast when editing my photos. But they are pretty screamingly bright.

I'm planning to go to OFFF on Saturday the 22nd, but if I land the yarn shop gig, not sure if I'll make it.
Kittens are great fun, especially when they are in the I-can-climb-your-leg-no-problem-mon stage. Not. But they are still adorably entertaining.
He is so stinkin' cute. I think the socks are really fun and how much do I wish I lived near you to take knitting classes with you?!
Um, that is quite possibly one of the cutest kittikins EVER. And that sock is badass. The colors are screaming! I'm thinking happy thoughts about some LYS lovin' for you. Have a beautiful rest of your three day weekend. :) Oh, also, thanks for the fantastic compliment on our new endeavor. It really meant a lot to both of us.
That is one great sock! Despite the price!

Good luck with the LYS job! I really do hope you get it!

That is one cute kitty!
Y'know, I think the same can be said of children. Mine tears all over the place, has sweet cuddly moments with that certain percentage of gack behavior. But love is love.

Good luck with said LYS. I'm dieing to know which one.
Whooooaaaa.I can't believe you did that for a co-worker!!!!! Wow. I was thinking I needed a cat suit knit out of Lorna's laces.....;.)
Love your kitty-too cute. Wanna eat him up. in a good way.I hope the job thing works out.
OMG! I took one look at that first sock and have to absolutely congratulate you on completeing the SECOND one. After all that knitting for one I would have just been tempted to hang it on the mantel in December rather than start the other one. Kudos to you on your extreme perserverance.
That is one looong sock! I have to give you props, you got skills! Your cat is too cute!
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