Monday, September 17, 2007


Monkies are FINISHED.

Erm, not those Monkees. Even though I had an immense crush on Davy when I was 11 years old. These guys are in their sixties now. Makes me feel like a fossil. Moving right along!

I meant these Monkeys. Whew! They took for-bloody-evah to knit. Do I like the result? Hell yeah! Will I ever make another pair? Probably not--it's just too much effort to put into socks, which you wear on your feet, which nobody looks at too closely in most social settings (unless they have a fetish, in which case you don't want them ogling your feet!)

Not that I don't enjoy knitting socks; I do. I almost always have at least one pair on the needles. It's just that I like finishing them in a reasonable amount of time. For me, that's usually two weeks. These socks took nearly two months from start to finish.

Dye Job

I'm still dyeing yarn and listing it on Etsy. I've decided to usher in my new line of hand-dyed, so this is the last installment of the "Kansai Colors" series. This one is called "Sushiya."

"Sushi-ya" just means sushi shop, and while my dyeing results still never quite come out the way I imagined and tried to make them, I do the best I can in this learning process. For example, I looked at this and decided that the orangey-pink looked an awful lot like my favorite sushi nigiri, salmon, and the bright green could represent the avocado in California roll, and the light brown is uncannily the same color as unagi eel. Yes, I know, it's a bit of a stretch. What can I say, the well is running dry. I'd like to roll out my next line of hand-dyed yarns now, or at least the theme for them, because the actual dyeing is still a ways off. However, Michelle needs access to the computer, ostensibly for homework. Funny how many of her teachers seem to assign the downloading of music from iTunes.

Have a great week, my lovelies! This week is insane--it's almost 8:30 pm and I must knit a hat for my office mate, who will be on vacation through my last day at work, which is Friday, and left me a sweet card. I know I have until Thursday night to finish it, but I've also been told I must bake a cake for the office or they will not accept my resignation! (Are these people nice or what?!)

Geeze, what a bunch of nazi's!!!! Good thing your taking your exit now, who knows what they would ask of you next?! Oh, and dumb me, It was John not bill, duh.( I'm still reliving yesterdays post)
Those socks are well worth the time and effort you put into them. But I can certainly understand no waiting to spend two months at a time knitting socks. What you planning to put on the needles next.
Love the socks and the sushi yarn!
the yarn is fab, and I so wish you could help me knit socks...
I will be glad to help you with socks, Flutter--but the hand dyes would also make great lace wraps or baby kimonos! Just wanted to put that out there. :-P
"Here we come...walkin' down the street"...my sister and everyone else that age were crazy about the Monkees too...your Monkey socks are fab! I know what you mean, mine took forever too, and they weren't even for me. I hope you are enjoying your new job, and not spending too much on yarn, or maybe that you are spending too much, I couldn't resist it either :)
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