Wednesday, September 26, 2007


It's a wrap

Another after-midnight post, and I can't even ascribe it to caffeine. Ideas keep going off in my head like Jiffy Pop (remember that?) and since I've been doing the blogging thing for over a year, I somehow don't feel as though it's a FO unless I've blogged it.

This creation was inspired by our upcoming trip to Phoenix this weekend. Neither J. nor I have ever been there, and I'm excited. Ladies and gents, guess what, I'm going to meet the fabulous Flutter! Yes! First Kathleen and Suzanne meet and go see the Yarn Harlot in L.A., and now Flutter and Chickenlips are going to knit in PHX. I like this bloggers-meeting-and doing-fun-things trend. Frequent flyer miles just might bring me to your town, so watch out!

Oh, but back to the wrap. I heard that while it's warm during the day in Phoenix, it gets cold at night (gawd, I'm such a tourist) so I wanted a really lightweight wrap. I was eager to knit up my first employee-discounted purchase from Dublin Bay, and since the yarn is rather expensive, I decided to try and wing it in a way that would get maximum mileage out of just two skeins. It came out to be just the right dimensions for me, long enough to cover my shoulders and arms, and wide enough for warmth. I dare say this is my first design! It's called the "Cagney & Lacey" wrap, and I've written it up as a free pattern (so click here and the name of the thing will hopefully make sense.) Since I knit very loosely, I used size 15 needles, but in the pattern I gave the needle size as 17. Take a gauge break with this one--"floaty" is the desired result.

Starting to nod off now, (it's 1:00,) but I will try to get in one more post before we leave Friday afternoon. If I can stay off Ravelry, that is. Whee!

I'm digging your diaphanous designing self.

I like the wrap and the tone of your email is so compmletely energizing.

AND 807 are before me on the ravelry list-woo hoo!
Oh, that looks sooooo fab-u-lous!!! Very Chic! Awww, you are a lucky dawg to go have a little holiday in AZ with a like minded sis! TAKE LOTS OF PHOTOS!!!!
I am so excited!!

Since you kick my arse at knitting, I will have to just kind of watch your technique...

You have been making such beautiful things lately! I love your wrap, it's gorgeous! I hope you are enjoying your new job, I'm envious!!
thank you everyone, for the nice words about my creation!

sophanne--you're almost to Ravelry! Won't be long now.
Lovely wrap!
You crack me up with your "it's not an FO until I've blogged it." I've started to feel like none of my experienced have really happened until I blog about them. I'm not sure this is a good development.
Beautiful wrap Sharona and you look so pretty in in in the Phoenix photos. I could use some desert about now....
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