Tuesday, September 25, 2007


It's hat day at this here rodeo

Today (Monday; technically it's Tuesday morning. Past my bedtime, but I'm running on sheer adrenaline right now) was my first day as a part-time yarn shop employee, which means that I had the day off. And I've never felt so, um, busy! I must have had pent-up energy to spare, because I tackled my badly neglected house and started dealing with the dirt AND the clutter. It's going to take quite a few days like today to get it to resemble a dwelling inhabited by humans--but at least I made a start. I concentrated on the kitchen. That's where I do my dyeing, and we also eat there on occasion, so it kind of made sense.

The other thing I did today was Knit! (I'm rather fond of italics tonight.) I completed not one, but two hats within an 18-hour period. Where does it come from, all this energy? I could power a small New Hampshire town, f'cryin out loud! Oh oh...now I'm starting to wonder if I'm bipolar...I'll have to get back to you on that one. Even though manic depression is one of those diseases that tells you you're fine, I honestly think I'm just on a transition high. For months upon months, I have been yearning to have the uninterrupted time to do exactly the things I spent the day doing. And while I've loved to knit ever since I made something that didn't suck, ;) I have never taken such satisfaction in housework.

But the knitting. Motivated by a conversation I had with Tricia about creating a project for an advanced beginner class, I started playing around with variations on a basic hat pattern. I'll bring both of these to work Wednesday to get her input.

This one is made just as the pattern was written. It's a free pattern called the Two-Movie Hat, and the URL is gone, but it's just a simple cap with striping and a ribbed edge, knit in the round.

I used Jaeger Extra Fine Merino Aran from my stash. Basic guy colors, plain vanilla. Then I hit upon the idea of changing it up and making it "girly". Knitters, I give you the "Cheesylove Hat."

This is Patons Classic Merino, also from stash, and the Fair Isle pattern is the same one from the "Cheesylove" sweater on Knitty, way back in the day when they were just starting up. As I was finishing this, I realized that we have a Fair Isle hearts baby hat knit in Dale of Norway at the shop, and I believe there's going to be a class on it this fall. My creation may be a no go, (in which case it's coming to an Etsy shop near you,) but I'm just getting warmed up!

OK, now I'm starting to crash. My eyelids are at half-mast. I was just so stoked for having made two hats in one day!

Pleasant dreams.

you sound great (coming from a potentially 'nother bipolar knitter)! There's something to be said for doing what you lvoe and loving what you do.

Hooray for You!
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