Friday, September 21, 2007


Endings, beginnings

Did you know that if you go to Cafepress.com and shop for "Hats & Bags" then go to "Hobbies" in the left sidebar and click on "knitting", you can see the most awesome assortment of knitting tote bags? Some are funny, some are rather in-your-face. I'm looking for an inexpensive knitting tote. Just wanted to give you another way to fritter away your time while you wait for your Ravelry invite.

Speaking of Ravelry, HOLY CRAP!! Check this out:

You signed up on July 11, 2007
You are #15786 on the list.
25 people are ahead of you in line.
18756 people are behind you in line.
45% of the list has been invited so far

I'll be on Ravelry, like, tomorrow! (No, I won't start belting out the song, sorry...)


Today marked my last day at the translation/localization company where I've worked full time for the past 18 months. I almost got weepy, because everyone was just so gosh darn sweet to me. They treated me to lunch at the Olive Garden yesterday, and this afternoon a whole bunch of people stopped by my office--including the company president!--to wish me well.

Look what the cake decorating wizardress made for me:

I was utterly, utterly speechless. Dang, now I'm welling up. It's chocolate, too. Does it get any better than this?

It's been a hectic week, thus not much knitting has been accomplished. However, I wanted to make something special for my office mate, who commutes to work by bus and expressed a wish to have an earflap hat for those cold mornings at the bus stop.

I bought an el cheapo single-ply worsted wool at the Crafts Whorehouse, and double-stranded it. The pattern came from the nice people at Foothills Yarn & Fiber--I bought some of their homegrown alpaca during the summer. It's rather expensive stuff, however, so I decided to hoard it! Also, it's gray and black, and Jen is partial to purple. I wanted to make her something that would go with the dark-red Chinchilla scarf I made for her. She has lots of dark blond, curly hair, and I know she will totally rock this hat.

I also have something super-secret on the needles. (Well, it isn't like if I told you what it is, we'd get nuked by Durka-Durkistan or something like that.) I'm knitting up that Fiesta yarn I bought at Dublin Bay last weekend into something of my own invention. When it's all done, blocked and pretty, (here's hoping,) I'll post a pic and offer it as a free pattern.

Must cut this short, as I was waylaid this evening by a botched haircolor job, which took twice as long as it should have. I'd like to say I'll blog after the weekend, but by then I'll be on Ravelry, so that's it, folks, this is my last post! Not.

25! that's great- and I think it's a whole lot more o.k. for people to start talking about it since I went from 6400 something to 2600 something in just one week.! How very kind of the office. Sounds like you can always go back if you want to - HA!
"That's it folks, this is my last post, NOT".....Famous last words, sistah, famous last words.
I love that cake! I don't know if I could of eaten it!
That cake is freakin' amazing! What a great good-bye. Congratulations on making the leap. See you on Ravelry! (I'm YarnhogSV.)
That cake is darling. You will love Ravelry, it's a lot of fun
What a beautiful hat, and I love the cake they gave you, how sweet! I got my Ravelry invite a couple weeks ago but haven't really checked it out much yet, I'm afraid I'll get addicted like everyone else!
What a great cake! Congratulation on your move up. Have fun with Ravelry. You will be quite buzy. I am still in the process of organizing and figuring out what to upload.
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