Sunday, September 09, 2007


Better now

Thought I'd use that rockin' Collective Soul song for a post title, because I am indeed feeling better now, and I'm in the midst of a weekend dyeing frenzy. Thank you so much for the supportive messages, and you're absolutely right--if mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!

How could this be a wrong move? I spent an hour and a half at Dublin Bay Friday evening, just familiarizing myself with the products I'll be selling, and it's all such amazing stuff that I can't help smiling every time I think about it. The shop specializes in products from the British Isles, which means there is yarn and carded wool (calling all spinners!) from Kerry Woollen Mills, and gorgeously molded scented soaps from Ireland (lavender sheep anyone?) There are also beautifully dyed sock yarns from Hand Maiden and Fleece Artist, which means Sea silk, yo! It's flying off the shelves. Tricia orders more as soon as she receives a shipment. Hip Knits cashmere is coming, just a sneak preview (I think that's also on the shop website, so I don't have any inside exclusives right now.) Anyway, I can't wait to begin working there on a regular schedule and seeing some of you.

In the meantime, I mentioned that weekend dyeing frenzy. I'm quite pleased with yesterday's results, and I just listed it on Etsy.

Colorway is called "Umeda," named for the large and fashionable Osaka shopping center which is entirely underground. When I was over there, I wandered through it and got lost several times. I really like the shimmery effect of the yarn, which probably comes from the bamboo. It's 495 yards of "Panda"--60% merino, 30% bamboo and 10% nylon. As always with my hand-dyed sock yarn, there's enough to make a large pair of socks and then some. A steal at only $20! C'mon people, get yourselves over to my shop. You know you want it! With each yarn order, I'll include one of my handmade jeweled stitch markers as a gift with purchase.

OK, I'll stop with the shameless self-promotion now. I also learned a very handy skill--I deciphered the mysteries of my niddy-noddy (it's a skeining tool, getcha minds outta the guttah) so I can now make those attractive skeins, and thus am able to compete with the established dyers. I reskeined the Arashiyama and put up new pics, and will do the same for Otsu and Maiko. I think I'll probably do one or two more in the Kansai Colors series, then I plan to start an even more exciting (to me, anyway) line of hand-dyed yarns!

OMG, it's almost noon and I haven't even had coffee yet! Gotta run. The weather's gorgeous, and I really should get outdoors today. I expect to be working my buns off this week, doing as much as I can to help them out. I'm dreading giving notice tomorrow, but glad too. Here's hoping they don't get upset with me and tell me to clean out my desk and leave. I'm pretty sure that won't happen, but you never know...

Oh, good luck! Deep, slow breaths.
I am so so proud of you!!
Know what? You is going to be just fine.
Congratulations. Dublin Bay has just acquired a great asset.
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