Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Another sign from the Goddess?

Remember these?

I sold 'em today at my Etsy shop.

Woooo Hoooo!!!

Forgive that exuberant outburst--it's just that I opened my shop in May with just the little dog sweaters, and put up those gloves and two felted clutch bags in June, and only then did I realize that duh, who wants to buy wool items in the summer? Then I got busy with other obsessions pursuits, such as dyeing sock yarn and going onto the fiber-maven career track, and sort of forgot about all that handknit stuff still being listed.

Well, now it's September, and I made my first sale. Whether or not I go to work at the LYS, I feel like I'm on my way--to something. We shall see. But man, I'm excited! It feels great to have even that teensy bit of success--largely because it's all the more difficult to do my job. The stress is mounting. I know I need to give notice soon, and then do as much as I can for them to ensure a smooth transition. At this company, the door swings wide once you've proven yourself, which I have done (and which is why I'm having everything but the kitchen sink thrown at me now). It isn't at all unusual for folks to leave and then come back, as my supervisor did. I can't imagine ever leaving the company on less than amicable, positive terms. Yet with all these small but powerful indicators that a life of fiber awaits--an opening at a LYS, sale of a handknit item--leaving seems more and more like the right thing to do. The mix of anticipation and dread sure isn't making for good sleeping. After this post, I'll have a warm milk--maybe with some cocoa in it--and crawl into bed with a book.

(Jeez, I just read that last sentence, and the person I was not so long ago would have cringed and wanted to drop through a hole in the floor! Then again, the person I used to be had no clue what was good for her, and partied like a fool. Nuff said.)

I Even Have a FO

On Monday, I met with some of the PDX Knit Bloggers for Starbucks beverages, show and tell, and, of course, knitting! It was lovely to meet these talented people in person, some of whom I "knew" through their blogs. I could have taken cell phone pics, but didn't have the presence of mind. Pics are up on Monica's blog, though, if you'd like to see who was there. Apparently a couple more people came after I left, so here's hoping there will be another meetup soon.

During the get-together, I was working on the Everlasting Bagstopper pattern from Knitty. I was fresh out of hemp, ;) so I used Fantasy Naturale cotton. I'm going to thread leather cord through the mesh near the top, because I'm far too lazy to get the decorative ribbon used in the pattern. Here is the "raw" item:

It was a fun, quick project, and now I have a shopping/schlepping bag!

Well, Friday's a-coming, and however things go, you'll hear it here first. Now I'm going to toddle into the kitchen for that warm milk. Do they still make Ovaltine? Dang, now I can't stop thinking about Ronald Reagan...which means it must be time for bed.

Enormous congrats on the sale!!!! I need to get over there and check out your shop!
congrats on the sale, I have every intention of buying some of your hand dyed when I get some cash
Hey, congratulations on the sale! I hope Ronald doesn't invade your dreams. That would just be too surreal.
I think if Nancy showed up-then things would get wonky.....heh.
I hope you can bow out of your job gracefully, never know when you may have to cross that bridge again. Burning said bridge, I've learned to my sorrow, is an ugly thing. I hope your shop goes great guns!
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