Saturday, September 01, 2007


And the knit goes on

Weak title, I know. Running out of clever ones. Sonny Bono may not have been able to sing for crap, but he could write songs. I have that damned "Beat Goes On" stuck in my head...and now, so do you.
(You're welcome.)

Lessee...nothing new to report about the LYS part time job. After emailing my resume, I got a nice reply from the owner. Apparently she was waiting to hear back from another applicant, and if she didn't hear back, or the other candidate declined the job, then she wanted to interview me. I was supposed to find out today. I know I should have called or gone in...I just have the feeling someone else got the job. If that turns out to be the case, I'm not too upset. It's Labor Day weekend, and I've got no pressing engagements other than to play with yarn. My current job, as tired of it as I am, is a lot to walk away from, what with the good pay, bonuses, retirement and other perks. Which makes it really hard to quit! I was on the verge of giving my notice yesterday--but with a huge project in preliminary stages for which I've been given responsibility, and hearing from management that my efforts and specialized knowledge are appreciated, I waffled. Turned chickenshit, if you will. I'm afraid this career transitioning is going to drag on for a while after all. So to keep this post from becoming a total downer, here's a WIP which is close to being FO.

An easy lace pattern scarf, of 100% silk in a shade of blue much prettier than my camera is willing to show you. The pattern is called "Waterfall Silk Scarf" and it appeared in the Knitting Bee newsletter.

The only thing I have scheduled over the weekend, and it involves fiber, is joining some local knit bloggers at a Starbucks in town on Monday. I'm eager to meet them, and perhaps I'll get more encouragement to forge ahead with my plans to get out of those corporate "golden handcuffs." They're so powerful, those cuffs, that I need all the support I can get!

Aw hell, that cash bonus was burning a hole in my pocket. I bought some yarn. Instead of beating myself up, I congratulated myself for going a whole month without adding to the stash. I was out of control there back in June and July.

I was literally salivating to buy Manos. Take my word for it, these nondescript-looking hanks are really a magnificent fall colorway of maroon, olive and gold.

And yes I know, more sock yarn. But it's Jawoll. Which I love to say, along with "Uberstrickenfrau." Too fun. Perhaps I should have majored in German instead of Japanese!

So, the sock yarn. Have you seen this? I became enchanted with it, and realizing that along with Manos, my stash was sorely lacking in solid color sock yarn. So there we are.

Bead Junkie Report

This morning I met with some friends for the monthly Shawl Ministry, and handed out some of my beaded stitch markers. Afterward, I headed to downtown Hillsboro and visited this store. (Not to be confused with the Planet Bead in Wisconsin!)

I probably don't need to tell you that shopping for beads in a boutique-like store, after having shopped for them only at the local crafts megastore, is exactly like going to your LYS after visiting the yarn department at Michael's. You can drop some serious coin! I was good, though, and spent only $15.

Because I've been using 9mm jump rings, which are the biggest I can find at Crafts Whorehouse, I also picked up some 13mm key rings, which will definitely go over those large needles. See that blue-and-white looking bead on the right, near the bottom? That, my friends, is a Panda head. I think I'm gonna...black out.

Back to the silk scarf. Happy Labor Day, all! If you're like me and can't wait for the kiddies to start school, hang on, it's only a few more days. If you're a teacher...well, you have my sympathy, along with my admiration.

That blue silk scarf is lovely. Tell us the details of the yarn and pattern when it reaches FO status, 'kay?
Love the scarf! Very pretty! :)
Good luck with the job search. I'm sure you will find what you are looking for & probably when you least expect it! Isn't that how it always works!

The stash enhancement looks awesome! :)
Sharon, I have a feeling the perfect thing will come right out and find you.

I do.

That scarf is so airy and beautiful and well, you already know how I feel about beads :)
In case you don't already know, "Jawoll" means "Of course"--as in "Of course I had to buy it!" You're off the hook.
Knitting Bee just got a new order of Jawoll, and there's a heathered brown I'm totally salivating over. Mmmmm. Jawoll, wolle!
Love those beads. There are two other 'hobbies' I'm trying very hard not to get sucked into, beading and stained glass. And I love the pattern on the scarf, thats going look very nice this winter.Or now, It doesn't HAVE to be cold to wear it.
kmkat--thanks! The scarf pattern is actually a Knitting Bee copyright, but if you email them at info AT theknittingbee DAWT com, they will be glad to send you the spring/summer newsletter it appeared in.
Drums keep pounding rhythm to my brain...ladee dadee dee...thanks, it'll be stuck in my head now...hee hee. Love your scarf :)
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