Monday, August 06, 2007


What, again?!

Yup, a second post in as many days! Nothing like a 3-day weekend. Jason underwent a prostate biopsy this morning, so I drove him home, and had arranged to take the whole day off in case there were any complications. We're not too awfully worried that it might be prostate cancer. His PSA count is elevated, but not excessively so. The procedure was done to rule out cancer. So I'm blogging once again, mainly because I wanted to show youse the results of Part IV of my Yarn Dyeing Trilogy...wait for it.

A little better. There are still shade variations, because I did not write anything down when I mixed colors the first time--didn't want to ruin the fun by making it all precise. Of course, I should allow myself to master the color-mixing-by-intuition part before attempting to wing it. My only requirement for the second dyeing was to color all the white spots, and at least I managed to do that.

I did have a theme in mind for this colorway.

These are "maiko," apprentice geisha, and I was trying to capture their kimono colors in my handpainting. My study abroad experience, even though it's been nearly five years since I left for Japan, is still very much with me, and my goal is to create more colorways inspired by the colors of Kansai (the region encompassing Osaka and Kyoto). Although, I have to say, I'm curious about other dyeing methods besides handpainting. I might give immersion or dip-dyeing a try, next time I get both the time and the gumption to do more dyeing. I'm trying to let go of the skein I ruined. Really, the cost of that skein was only $11, and it's not like I've never wasted money before. I've thrown out a lot of leftovers, I bought Toto albums, and I won't tell you what else I did in the 1980's--but I could have coined the bumper sticker "My other car is up my nose." It's just that yarn is...well, sacred.

Enough of that business. There is one more member of our family I haven't introduced, and I'd like to do so now.

Say Hello To My Little Friend

Meet Attila. He was named for a cat in the Mother Goose & Grimm comic strip. Attila is 14 years old. When he was about nine or ten weeks old, Michelle (age 3) managed to catch his foreleg under a door. It didn't break his leg, but stressed the ligaments enough to where he needed a cast. So for a time, we had a tiny kitten hobbling around, who also had persistent diarrhea...oh yes, those were the days.

Last fall, Attila was diagnosed with tumors, and he's become somewhat frail although he is still eating, drinking and getting around ok. We're making sure he has good quality of life, and doesn't seem to be in any pain. The chair at the family computer has become his favorite perch, and when he looks all comfortabuhls like this, I don't have the heart to move him!

The Kool-Aid Scarf

10 rows garter, 10 rows stockinette. The more I worked with this yarn, the more it grew on me. So now I have 2 scarves and 2 hats to put in the collection bin at the church for the homeless shelter.

And One Last Thing

I've decided that August shall be "Rock Musician Joke Month" here at Chickenlips. (It's easier if you just go with it.)

Q: How many guitar players does it take to change a light bulb?

A: Four. One to change the bulb, and three to watch and go, "I can do that."

Beautiful hand-dyed yarn, and I love that it was inspired by kimono colors! I like your blog, and very cute pics of the sweet pets. Also I hope the test results come back fine.
Your Kool-Aid scarf is truly inspiring. If the local grocery store ever starts stocking any flavor that's not red, I might try again.

I hope the biopsy results turn out to be nothing. But even if there were a problem, prostate cancer is very treatable, especially if it's caught early. My dad had it more than 20 years ago, had surgery, and has been fine ever since.
Love the koolaid scarf!! Your new dyed yarn is glorious!
Your new dye job is awesome, and I love that your inspiration is from the Japanese kimono. And Attila is charming! I wish him still more years of a happy life.
Yep, have to agree with everyone, LOVE the colorway you created and I love its inspired by kimono's too! Hey, thanks for playing along on my contest! I wish I had a ton on interchangeable needles!!!! ;o)
I love your yarn!!! LOVE, love, LOVE it!!!

Oh & the rock musician joke, too funny! Esp. since my husband is a professional guitar player!
Love the yarn. Now you've got me wanting to order some blank sock yarn so I can play with color. And the scarf is so pretty!

Hope Jason's biopsy turns out ok.

And I love the pic of Attila. He reminds me of the cat my grandparents had when I was growing up.
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