Tuesday, August 28, 2007


It has begun

Over the weekend, I developed yet another one of those miserable skin infections which plagued me last winter. It's fungal, yech. (Normally I laugh at "there's a fungus among us", but this is a little too up close and personal.) I don't even like the sound of the word "fungal." So Monday morning, where was I but at the doctor's getting a month's worth of fluconazole, and a prescription for hydroxyzine, which turns me instantly into Dawn of the Dead. I was so seriously afraid to drive today that I stayed home. Without the usual guilts, which is nice, and also significant.

There have been several doctors treating me for this recurring problem, and one suspected diabetes, but the primary care doc assured me there was nothing in my annual labs over the past few years to indicate that. And okay, when I had the fungal (ech) thing last winter, it was right around the holidays when I was eating gobs of sugar. I've toned that down quite a bit--oh sure, I'll have the occasional goodie, not running for canonization or anything like that--but I'm nowhere near the sweets intake I was before. So why is this happening to me? Anyone?

If you said "stress," I'll give you a cigar. Ew, what would you want with one of those? They stink. But yeah, I guess I've been under more stress than I realize. A few of you thought I should be doing something that feeds the inner fiber goddess, and I couldn't agree with you more. Today, I not only housecleaned (not nearly as much as it needs, but I took care of what was bugging me the most) but got started on the Argosy Wrap. What a fun knit! I'm already on Row 56, heyyy! Should be able to bang that out in no time. I'm using Fisherman's Wool, which is way cheaper than the Kureyon the pattern uses, and it's from stash. Other than the yarn for the Tomten jacket, and the undyed yarn, I haven't been buying yarn, I promise. I'm saving my yarn money for Oregon Flock & Fiber, which comes up in less than a month.

Oh, I'm rambling. I hate it when I do that. I haven't resigned from my current job, but I'm at the visualization stage--where I walk into my supervisor's office and tell her I'm giving notice. So many emotions tied up in that! For the first time in my life, the issue is not people, or feeling like I'm doing work that's beneath me, or that I'm being paid peanuts or treated like crap, because none of that is true. It's just that what I'm doing now, is not my real calling. And it seems like even though J. wants me to be happy, I can tell he thinks I'm nuts. Well, here's the meter I use that tells me every time that I'm not nuts:

I think about knitting all day while I'm at work. I can barely put down my project and head out the door. I buzz through each day's tasks and chores, trying my damndest to just get everything done so I can sit down and knit. And when I finally do, more often than not, I'm exhausted and start falling asleep.

Knitting is the last thing I get to do, but the first thing I think about.

So...you know I should be knitting. I know I should be knitting. It's those closest to me--in this case, my husband, mom and brother (even though I'm not emotionally close with the last two) --who think my logic is severely flawed.

And I realize, that it's just more Muggle-think, in another nefarious form.

I will be strong, and soldier on. At the advice of a blog friend, I went to a LYS this afternoon to inquire if they needed shop samples knit. What did I see on the door but a "Help Wanted" sign!! Now I ask you, is that the universe saying to me "hey dummy" or what? I didn't get to meet the owner, but the store employee seemed glad I was interested in the part-time job, and encouraged me to email a resume. I did, and I also left them my completed Monkey sock as a knitting sample. Here's hoping I get a nibble!

Now it's time for cute pet pictures with funny captions.

You can probably tell that the hydroxyzine is kicking my ass. I keep pressing the wrong keys,.naf[pgh. (Dammit!) Let me share these with you, and then I will collapse in an overmedicated heap upon my bed.

I call this one "Clash of the Wieners." And that's all I have to say about that.

Podkitty is being summoned back to his home planet.

I should make him into a lolcat, but right now I'm on drugs...and can't figure out how it all works...

Aren't all the writers of those captions on lolcat on drugs? could of fooled me...
Hey- good luck on the life change, job not fungus, and I hope it works out for you. My dream job is to work in a yarn shop, but I got stuck with the title of storage queen.Oh, my friend who is into 'health' says that if your alkline or acid based(?) influences whether you get fungus infections or yeast infections. I'll try to find out more details you can actually use!
oh my- so sorry about your great discomfort. The help wanted sign was a Sign IMHO. After 20 years of a job that I've always mostly loved, I'm starting to share your thoughts. The bank account doesn't really allow for reality but it's the first time that something other than my job has engaged me in such a way.
Ooooohhhhh... I am keeping my knitting needles crossed for you on the job! Love the pics!
Hahaha. I love the podkitty. I'm so glad you went to the LYS and checked it out. I will think happy thoughts for you that they will be wowed with your resume and your knitting prowess. I hope you feel better soon.
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