Tuesday, August 14, 2007


YouTube Time

When you watch this, picture me waiting for my Ravelry invitation...

(couldn't get the frickin' thing to display in the blog post--that'll teach me to blog from work!)

Yarn Giveaway: Clarification

I think there's been some confusion about the random number thing. To enter the drawing, all you need do is leave a comment on the yarn giveaway post (scroll down). Each person who comments gets a number, for example, if you are the 19th person to comment, your number is "19". I will only count each person once no matter how many comments they leave. Then I will put the total number of commenters into the random number generator, and whose-ever number it picks, that person will win the yarn. Sorry for not making this clear at the beginning. Email me: sharonfs AT comcast DOT net if I can answer any questions.

I thought the how's your dad was cute!
I understood your the how's your father reference, mostly because I'm married to a Brit...thanks for the blast from the past, SCTV was a huge part of my early adolescent years, and my brother and I used to watch that particular sketch over and over cause we taped it on our betamax, LOL, okay out of the wayback machine...

I'm still waiting for my ravelry invite too...
heehee... I remeber Ed Grimley! He cracks me up!
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