Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Another addiction? Say it ain't so. (caution: post contains dessert pr0n)

It's a proven fact: experimenting with yarn leads to stronger crafts. I've now got it bad for beads.

Incredibly bad picture, but this is like my sixth attempt to photograph the first stitch markers I created. No sooner had I started making them than I found myself craving more kinds of beads in more colors. Oh, no--it starts. While among the bead aisles at the local crafts mega-store, I was fortunate enough to encounter a jewelry designer/teacher who gave me a rudimentary idea of what I would need to buy to create these. She asked me twice, pointedly, if I planned to sell them--wary, no doubt, of aiding potential competition. I assured her I had no plans to sell them. I just want to make tons of them and then give 'em away! If I ever get around to dyeing all the sock yarn colorways I envision, I'll include stitch markers with every purchase. So there's a reason to watch my Etsy shop for new items.

With the adoption of Hannibal, I wasn't able to do any dyeing over the weekend. However, J. being the sweet man he is, he understands that for wedding anniversaries, given the choice between yarn and a weekend getaway, or yarn and jewelry, I'll choose the yarn every time. Our 18th wedding anniversary is next weekend, and since he'll be between extended business trips, he phoned up these good people and ordered enough undyed sock yarn to keep me happily busy for the next couple of months or so.

What a guy.

A husband like that, who willingly feeds my yarn addiction, who never criticizes or complains no matter how much yarn I buy, doesn't deserve to be labeled a "muggle." He may not knit, but in my book, he's one of us.

See what happens when you read blogs?

Just joshing. Last week, Uberstrickenfrau (whose blog I enjoy the heck out of) posted this link
and my chocolate cake craving kicked in big time. I didn't use that particular recipe, because I was too lazy to make coffee and buy buttermilk--so I used the cake recipe on the can of Ghirardelli cocoa (which happens to be Michelle's favorite). Oh so good. It had been a long time since I'd baked a cake--and I'm going to wait a good long while before baking another one!

I did manage to finish another knitting project Sunday night.

Not very exciting--imagine a 60 x 18 rectangle of double moss stitch. One big yawn, right? However, the result is rather nice. Soft and cuddly around the shoulders, lightweight yet warm. It's a comfort shawl for the shawl ministry at the UU church. I used 5 balls of TLC Cotton Plus, an inexpensive yarn. As I mentioned last post, I'm ready for more interesting knitting, so I was thinking about the Argosy Wrap for my next shawl ministry project.
"Blogging in," so to speak, this morning--I'm going in to work late, because Hannibal the kitten appears to have a cold. I've got to get him to the vet. On my regular blog-reading circuit, I've been noticing that "finishitis" seems to be a pandemic. I've certainly got it, considering I just finished the Tomten (sewed in the zipper, too! Yowza!) and now this. Going for the hat trick!

Oh, I just love your stitch markers! They beat the heck out of the little loops of contrasting yarn that I use as markers. You could make them in different colors to coordinate with your hand-dyed yarns, too!
Lovely, classic stitch markers. And lovely, classic chocolate cake :)
I love your stitch markers! I, too have been wanting to try making some, but haven't got round to it yet. Lucky you to have a husband who so willingly supports your yarn habit! I hope the kitten is okay!
I am a total beadwhore. So, um, yeah. Also that blanket is really lovely
At least Uber was kind enough to only post the dirty plates! Soon everyone will be making yummy chocolate cake- let's watch the news and see if there is a surge in supplies!
... supplies purchased that is...
I have a ton of beads and have made stitch markers, it's very addicting.
MMMM chocolate cake....
Love the stitch markers! Now I need to get my stuff out and make more... see what you're making me do?

Aren't husbands who understand yarn addiction the best? Too bad they can't be mass produced and sold in yarn shops. :)
I love beads and I soooo hear you on I sure don't need another hobby I have to buy stuff for!!! Thats a neat idea to include the markers in the smae color as the yarn, thats a cool way to market your product. And that...that...Bad BAd cake!!! Everyone here wants more!
I love the color coordinated stitch marker idea too--thank you Yarnhog, for suggesting it!
Hi Sharon!! Nice stitchin' lately lady (the uber-cute cuff mishap on the Tomten notwithstanding:)). Your shawl looks lovely and that is such a nice cause. I need to knit more for charity....My love is the same way about my yarn. Isn't it nice? I hope you are doing well. I really just wanted to drop in and say hi.
Hey! No cake posts! Now I'm drooling.
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