Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Well, shoot.

Since having taken the oath not to buy any more knitting stuff until late September--yes, I know it was less than a week ago, but it seems so much longer!--my blog posts are going to be fewer and farther between. It was a classic "aha" moment, realizing that during my "charge it" phase, I was on here chirping about this or that new yarn three times a week, but with only FO's to blog about, I won't be posting nearly as much.

These days, my head is bent to my knitting projects every free moment, but I'm surfacing to tell you that last night, I had the mother of all brainstorms for a project. I want it to be a total surprise, so please bear with me until I can set this thing in motion. It's fiber-related, but on a grand scale (for me) and the details just seemed to have materialized out of nowhere. Or maybe they were rattling around all along in one of my hemispheres (there's a clue!) and the big picture just became clear. All I know is that I spent last night's prime knitting time feverishly writing up plans. And today I bought the first of my supplies. (It's not stash! Honest!) I'm sorry, I know I'm teasing and I myself hate it when bloggers do that--it's just that I'm completely stoked, and this could actually work out well.

I've got just one puny thing to show you, and it doesn't even count as a FO, because it isn't felted yet. But here 'tis.

Another ruffled felt clutch. Just wanted to post a pic to show the color. I'm hoping it will come out as pretty as the hot pink/black one I made last month.

You Complete Me

Thanks everybody, for celebrating with me as I recently got to see the Holy Trinity of rock. They rocked my ass off! Your comments kept the fun continuing, and helped spark up an otherwise drudgery-filled week of work, and various and sundry crap like The Dryer Situation. The evil Home Despot (great minds and all, Kiki!) is scheduled to deliver the new dryer tomorrow "between 9:00 and 1:00," and we all love those precise delivery times, don't we?! At least I'll be here instead of dashing to work, and maybe I can get in some felting.

I've been missing you!
I can not wait to see what your brain is cooking up!!
Great color on your latest ruffled clutch. I can't wait to see the emystery project you are planning out. It should be fun to follow.
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