Monday, July 16, 2007


...so, how was YOUR weekend?

Happy Bear isn't talking. But I bet you can guess why he's so happy...

I finally finished the bear I promised I would make for my niece, Alaina. Michelle tried to steal it as soon as it was done, but my sis-in-law (Alaina's mom) paid for the yarn. Bear is now wrapped in tissue paper and ready to ship to Spokane.

Um, the empty booze bottle? It's...ah...a prop. Yeah, that's it!

I've Got Bupkis

Nothing much happening right now that's blogworthy. I started a couple of projects: another felted clutch, this time in turquoise, and the Lutea Lace top from Interweave Knits. I'm not sure if I'm sold on how the color and yarn type will look on me, but it's gravy to knit. One thing's for certain, it's a sensory shock to go from knitting with Calmer, which has elasticity to spare, to Summer Tweed, which is cotton and silk, but it's like packing twine in that it's got absolutely zero yield. I'm going to forge ahead with it.

Today was a long, leisurely day off for me. Our two-person department was unanimous: I had earned it. I spent a couple of hours here, having a PMS session. (Wait a minute--isn't she done with that business?!) Yes, I am. I meant "Pamper Me Silly." J. had given me a gift certificate to the day spa for Valentine's Day, and I spent it having a deluxe facial. Queen of Sheba. I'm definitely more relaxed, and my face is as smooth as a baby's butt. Now, if only my spousal unit was home instead of in Chicago! Stupid trade show. Grumble.

I already have all the yarn in the world, but when you feel glowing, it's your day off, and your man's away, well what's a girl to do?

The stashing continues.

A final purchase made at Lint on Saturday. Koigu is good anytime. I won't be able to go when all the inventory is being sold off, so I sucked it up and put it on the Visa. I thought these colors together would make a nice, fallish, Chevron Scarf. No, the dark yarn on the left isn't eggplant, aubergine, or damson; it's an espresso brown. By now, everybody must be sick of me bitching about my camera, and I could actually buy a better one if I'd quit spending so much money on yarn! Uh oh, something deep inside of me just emitted a piercing shriek at that thought. It's true, though. Not only would better pictures make for more enjoyable blog viewing, but color accuracy on a knitting blog is kind of a no-brainer, right?

The day spa being just a quick dash across the river to Abundant Yarn, I picked up some Kureyon and some basic black for the Fake Isle Hat from Magknits. I'm not a hat gal--any kind of hat, except perhaps those wide-brimmed jobs the Queen of England wears, makes me look like a pinhead. However, there is no shortage of recipients for warm handknit accessories. I've already got a scarf and hat tucked away for charity when the mercury drops.

Off to knit!

Forget the new camera. Yarn!Yarn!Yarn!!!

I've got to get me some of that Koigu.
I love the feel of koigu, but there are so many colors to choose from that I just give up trying to decide and then buy something else. And WHAT is it with stashing! Just today I found the a yarn I bought on earlier this year (but didn't buy enough) on sale yet again. The same site is selling Opal sock skeins for 1/2 price. Dang it! No more yarn!
damn, mama I have serious stash envy
sounds like as close to a perfect day as anyone could have! you go girl!
HA! I love the bear pic!

Nice yarn purchases!!! :)
I have yarn envy now...love the bear, no wonder he was almost stolen, he's too cute!!
shiver...koigu...shudder ;)
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