Sunday, July 22, 2007


Rush hangover

Sunday morning, struggling to wake up--10 am, yikes! Haven't slept in that late on a Sunday since The Kid was born. Sore ankles and aching legs, why? Oh yeah...2.5 hours of standing, jumping up and down and dancing. Throat dry, scratchy and raw--what's up wid dat? Memory returns slowly...singing at the top of my voice, cheering and screaming.

Wearily throw off covers. First cup of coffee--better. Breakfast? Sure. Now, at noon, I'm feeling enough like myself to tell you that last night, I had as much fun as one can have with one's pants on! (hee)

Ready for some pictures?

Sharon and Jason, about to leave for the Rush show. The cherry-lime bomb was workin', I gotta tell ya! I needn't have worried about a jacket. Once in the amphitheater, it was warm as a sauna. Body heat, bright lights, pyro effects and all. I was mopping myself down with my hanky.

Oh, the show. In addition to songs from the new album, Rush played some rarely heard, all-but-forgotten gems. As a fan for the past 20-plus years, I was impressed by how the band drew from their impressive body of work to play songs that are relevant and pertinent to today's state of world affairs. We were treated to "Between The Wheels," a song they put together in "about twenty minutes" in the studio back in '83 for Grace Under Pressure:

Wheels can take you around/Wheels can cut you down/We can go from boom to bust/From dreams to a bowl of dust/We can fall from rockets' red glare/Down to "Brother can you spare"Another war/Another wasteland/And another lost generation...

Going Digital

The second song of the setlist was "Digital Man." It was during this song that I tried to take a cellphone pic of my socks in progress. (thank you, Ms. Harlot, for the traveling socks concept!)

( my sock, and Geddy Lee. Geddy!! My man!!)

The socks are a slipstitch rib pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks, (a book which I'm really enjoying, btw,) using Claudia Handpaint yarn in Purple Earth. I was vaguely irritated by the fact that I was knitting socks without a name. I mean Monkeys, Jaywalkers, and Pomatomuses (Pomatomi?) are instantly recognizable, every knitter knows what you're talking about. Well, thanks to Rush, these socks have been dubbed "Digital Socks." What can I say, I'm hoping it'll catch on.

And here's the first one, finished.

The only drawback of last night's concert was that we were unfortunately seated next to an obnoxious drunk pothead who kept trying to talk to us, instead of letting us just enjoy the show. I would have told him point-blank to shut the f*ck up, except that he was the size of a small mountain and might have taken a swing at me! He actually tried to pass us his dope pipe. Jaysus. I mean, I understand folks like to toke up at rock concerts, God knows I used to do it myself when I was young, but this is Rush, people. I do not need any artificial substances to enjoy their music. To me, they are the drug!

*sigh* And with that, I'm afraid the coffee break's over, and I must get back on my head. (Really old, really bad joke there.) We ordered a new dryer from Home Depot, or Home Despot as I like to call them, but it won't be delivered until Thursday. So I'm going to spend the afternoon washing clothes and then hauling them to the laundromat. At least I can knit!

looks like you had a blast, hot mama!
Glad you had a good time! Love the Digital Socks and the cherry-lime bomb. :)

I used to love going to the laundromat and would do it whenever I got behind on laundry (I'm talkin' mountains af dirty clothes and sheets and stuff)... now it's too far to go very often since we moved.
I'm so glad you had fun. I was sending happy vibes your way. And from here on out, in my book anyway, those socks will be known as the Digital Socks. I like it. :)
Thanks for your comments on the socks- I'm not sure if it was trekking or not. I saw some on Knitting Sutra that was the same colorway only it was Regia- I lost the ball band.

I LOVE your pledge- since I've spent money at the LYS, Knitpicks and Oneyarnplanet this week, I may have to take one myself

It's Friday night...I've got a 2 liter of Shasta and my all RUSH mixed tape....lets Rock!
No but seriously I'm wicked jealous
I knew we were kindred spirits!! I also refer to Home Depot as Home Despot!! Glad you had a great time, LOVE the bomb, it looks wonderful! Your sock looks fab and I love the digital name! :)
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