Saturday, July 14, 2007


da bomb

...Cherry Bomb, that is!

I didn't want to unveil it to you in all its unblocked, sad, saggy rawness...but my jewels, this is Chickenlips, who can never seem to get a damn thing done, and I have a FOUS (that's Finished Object of Unusual Size...you all saw The Princess Bride, right??)

But back to the sweater. Kore wa pittari desu, which is bad Japanese for, "It fits perfectly." It really does. The short row bust shaping, well all I can say is that it is key. It makes all the difference between a top that hangs like a tent over the girls and two inches lower in the back than in the front, and a top that fits exactly where it's supposed to. It's had its delicates soak and is now blocking. Which means, I can wear it next Saturday to the Rush concert! So excited. Not only am I a die-hard Rush fan--seriously, I jump up and down and sing the lyrics to every song at the top of my lungs, what a fool--but it will be like a date with Jason. He's in Chicago until the middle of next week. Perhaps I can get him to take a photo of me in my Cherry Bomb, with my amber jewelry, big dark hair (I know, this isn't Texas, but we do what we can) and copious makeup. And if the photo passes inspection, I'll share it with you.

I did something different in the finishing: a Russian bind-off. What's a Russian bind-off? It's way easier than doing the Time Warp. I learned it from Galina Khmeleva when I took the Embraceable Lace workshop with her at Stitches West, and here it is: *P2tog, put st back on left needle. Repeat from * to end. It worked really well because I ended the neck and armhole edgings on the wrong side, and I got a bound-off edge that looks less, well, bound off.

I Love Getting Things In The Mail

...especially when some of the things are yarn!

My Summer Stash Swap package arrived yesterday. Will you look at all that sweet crazy yarn?! Jan in western Mass. was my swapper. She spoiled me rotten. Not only a beautiful assortment of yarns, but a doggy sweater book, hilarious Dachshund bumper stickers, and a baseball-themed mug (in Red Sox colors--Go Sox!) with merino laceweight inside. Jan, in your letter you told me you'd never been cool. I beg to differ, you are too cool! If you were a blogger I'd give you the Rockin' Girl Blogger button. Let me offer you instead, a virtual Portland rose.

Farewell, Lint

One of the prettiest yarn shops in Portland, Lint, is closing its doors for good. I always enjoyed shopping and knitting there, and I have to say I'm sad that it's going away. At first the shop was offered for sale, and although details aren't available, I'm guessing that the owner needs to get out of the business for whatever reasons and nobody was able to put together the right offer to take over the shop. Of course, I could be full of canal water as I often am; maybe that's not it at all. Nobody's talkin'.

At one time, I entertained the notion of becoming a yarn shop proprietress. However, upon deeper reflection, I realized that I just wanted a huge stash, but the funny thing is that there wouldn't be any time to knit! It's a huge amount of work to keep any small business afloat. So, although I sometimes feel constrained, and/or oppressed, working for someone else, it also frees me in certain ways.

The dust has finally settled with regard to the events of last week. The car is back in the driveway, and the fines have been paid. My A-number-one daughter has her dad to thank for that; I haven't the wherewithal. As always, I appreciate your supportive comments. And Ellie Bee is right--at 16, the kid damn well better know she screwed up, and it is her fault. I was just experiencing mommy guilt, which some say never goes away. (Crap.)

I'll bet she feels horrible for screwing up, too
stunning sweater!
and about the mommy guilt--I know it when I see it because I fight it myself--every day. Hang in there!
It's a lovely rose, thank you. Can't write more--gotta go rock now!
Mommy guilt is actually not all bad. It shows that you care. Honestly... I think it comes from wanting to protect our kids. If they do something wrong and we make it "our fault" then they're still good kids. What we need to realize is that kids will make mistakes, we're not always to blame for what they do wrong, and they're still good kids.
Your lime bomb is awesome!!! Great job on it. Sorry to hear about the trouble with your daughter...my niece did something similar at the same age...she's a very responsible 22-year old now.

You sure got spoiled, look at all that yarny goodness!!
Indeed, I have heard rumors afoot about Lint as well. I heard the sale bit - explanation being (coming from worker bee a la Dublin Bay) that said Lint owner had big house fire, crisis and wacky hijinx ensued, thus Lint for sale. Hadn't heard the closing bit. Folks will be there like flies on a carcass, I'll bet.
WOW! Look at all of that love! I really do like that shirt!
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