Sunday, July 08, 2007


All in a day's ramble

Yesterday we were thinking about hiking somewhere around Mt. St. Helens, but we decided instead to visit the Hood River Valley "Fruit Loop". I'm glad we made this decision, because even though we didn't do the actual mountain hike, we strolled through a state park along Hood River for sun and exercise, and instead of putting ourselves out on some fire road in the wilderness, we were on a scenic highway with plenty of opportunities to stop, see the attractions, and get some delicious fresh cherries.

Was fiber involved, you ask? Oh, hell, yes.

Sorry folks, if you're looking for quality photography, may I direct you to Cara at January One? You can find a link to her blog in my sidebar. OK, so I wasn't nearly close enough to the building, so let me help you out. The sign says "Foothills Yarn & Fiber," and it is owned by a former knitting buddy (before she moved to Hood River, that is,) Connie, and her husband Tom. The shop is absolutely charming, with a great assortment of alpaca yarns--both from animals raised on their farm, and other sources--and featuring spinning equipment, roving, and handknit accessories. And if you look reeeealllly closely at the photo, you can see a kitty under the chair beside the doors. That would be "Knit," of the dynamic duo, "Knit" and "Purl." But hey, the cuteness doesn't stop there!

Upon driving up to the shop, we were greeted by these fellas:
"Hey, we got customers! OK, guys, look extra cute!"

The owners' son is an accomplished knitter and designer, and upon seeing one of those cool earflap hats with dangly I-cord, I knew that that was what I had gone there for. A free pattern was included with my yarn purchase.

The only thing cooler than soft, handspun alpaca is knowing the name of the animal it came from. The black yarn at left is from "Allegra"--it's not just an allergy medicine! The heather grey is a blend of fleece from several alpacas. I should get cracking on those hats, because winter's just around the corner--but I'm still trucking on the Cherry Bomb and the slip-stitch rib socks. I've put my Print o'the Wave shawl on hold, as it's delicate knitting which goes more slowly, and of course you know that my progress on the comfort shawls is glacially slow. And anyway, who cares about that stuff when there are baby alpacas to look at?

This little dude was just born the day before. Look, he can walk already!

Let's Talk About You...

What do you think of my new hair color?

I decided to go dark, because my last color job was in February and everything had lightened out to a nondescript ashy hue with gray peeking through, so yikes! I had my colorist extraordinaire, Anna, apply "mocha" again. However, without the blond weave I got last time, it looks kinda Morticia Addams. Ehh, I don't care, it worked for Roseanne about ten years ago...
Thank you so much for the kind words and reassurances about my DH's heart issue. I feel much more positive about it than I did a few days ago, and I'm incredibly comforted knowing that you care.
Well, the "baby" is home. When we met her at the airport, did she say, "Hi Mom" and "Hi Dad"? Nah, the first words she uttered were "$#!!%& TSA can kiss my %#!!" My offspring, never one to take such trivial things as rules seriously, had way too many cosmetics than regulations would allow, and she wasn't allowed to proceed to the gate without checking them.
Ah, yes, teenagers...

Oh, man, those alpacas are unbelievably cute. I have to admit, though, my first thought was, "Hey, they've been sheared--where's the YARN?" I want a backyard alpaca. My husband says, unless it can live in the pool, I'm out of luck. It's a very small yard. Do you think they can swim?
I want to go there! What a cool place!
and you said it--teens! You gotta love them!
They are SO.CUTE. You look fab with dark hair, too...
Your hair looks great. those little alpacas are so cute.
Look at the lovely alpaca! I'm so happy that you've been able to get yourself some new treats lately. I love that sock book and your new yarn looks delicious. I'm thinking happy thoughts about your DH and I hope you are doing well. Your hair looks good, btw, not like Morticia Addams...like you with dark hair. :)
Now I have to find out were that shop is and go visit-- it looks like such fun! I laughed so hard when I read the comments from you baby -- it cetainly is a great description of a teenager. And I really like the new hair color.
Alpaca...this is wonderful! It sounds like you had a good time!
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