Saturday, June 30, 2007


Your opinion matters

Remember this?

It's part of the "surprise" project I mentioned last post. I dressed up the little clutch bag with a cute, handmade pin I picked up at BSG.

Sorry for the crappy photo. The pin is a little "ram" of pearls! A lady by the name of Nickie Williams made the jewelry. I don't think she has a website. But she had awesome pewter sheep and crystal sheep, too--I wanted to buy one of each. Hopefully she will be at Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival this September, so I can buy more stuff from her.

Anyway, then I added these:

...so now we have a darling little ensemble.

A felted clutch and matching lace-up opera mitts! I have been dreaming of offering this for sale in my Etsy shop. The box full of Patons wool is for making several more of these sets in different colors. Now that's where you guys come in--do you think I should list these items now, or wait until I have a few made and put them all up at once? I've discovered that the more you have for sale, the more you tend to sell. I won't sell the pin, though--it's way too cute.

I finished the Twizzle socks, and they're up on the blockers in the shower. I won't bore you with a photo, that would be redundant. But I am having a great day today--my family is out of town! That's right, while they're in Spokane over Fourth of July, I've got to work Monday and Tuesday, so I'm batching it. I stayed in my jammies till noon, watching pay-per-view ("Blood Diamond," pretty raw but a good film) and finishing the socks. Then I did a little light housework and went to the salon for a couple of hours, getting a pedi and haircolor. La de da. It also helps that the weather is gorgeous. J. will be home Tuesday afternoon, but Michelle is staying with Grandma until July 8th. No, I didn't really do a happy dance. For all I know, she might read this sometime--hi, sweetheart! mama misses you! (actually I do--the house is kinda creepy-quiet. Maybe I should put on some 80's "hair metal.")

The Lolcat Phenomenon

This week, I've been over at Yarn-a-Go-Go reading the saga of Rachel's cat Digit who came home after having vanished for four months. Poor kitty is in rough shape, and I hope he'll be OK. A friend made a picture of Digit into a "lolcat," the like of which you may have seen going around in e-mail. Basically they are kitties in a funny pose--or not--with abbreviated, mis-spelled text (I won't get started on how text messaging is killing spelling as we know it, I've always been a good speller) or just bad grammar over the pic. Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that I love the lolcat, and I wanted to put one on my blog too:

I guess I'm just a very silly woman. It's a continuing source of amazement that anyone reads my blog at all.
Have a great rest of the weekend--I'm being methodical about finishing projects, and must finish at least two more before I do any casting on. Time to make with the knitting!

Those are SO cute and I love the color. I say go for it, girl. Also? lolcats crack me up and I can never say for sure exactly why :)
A beautiful set, Sharon! I love that colour pink, very striking with the black! I would make a couple sets at first and see how they do...supply and demand...

The cat pics are really cute! :)
I love your knitted objects! Those gloves are beautiful! And I love the lolcats myself. I regularly check icanhascheezeburger and giggle a lot. I will not comment on the demise of proper spelling and grammar (I'm an editor so it almost kills me! Ha!). I'm off to go work on some socks. I'm glad you are having a nice, relaxing, quiet weekend. I understand about the empty house, though, especially when you are accustomed to always hearing someone. Watch your inbox for your swap partner's questionnaire. I upgraded you from wingman to swapper because I felt like you needed to get a present of fun stuff in the mail.
Hi --- I agree with Kay. The set is darling but I would have a couple more available before offering it for sale. That way you will be able to gauge if it truely is a sucessful pattern and not just a one time buyer. Also, some people may really like the set but not in pink -- they would prefer blue. A really cute set!
Thanks for the input! The next set will be teal, actually a bright turquoise.

Fancy Pants--thank you for upgrading me to Swapper, and also for the lolcat link!
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