Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Will you look at this?!

My first award--bestowed upon me by Ellie Bee. Thank you so much--I had no idea I was among your favorite bloggers, and I'm blushing the color of this truly marvelous button! Now I get to pass on the rockin' thing to 5 of my favorites.* My ladies are:

1. Kay at By Hook or By Crook. The first time I saw Kay's blog, she had posted a pic of a crocheted gingerbread house that had me amazed. She also crochets ethereal snowflakes--the only thing I can make with a crochet hook is a mess--so Kay's creativity and talent keep me enthralled and a regular visitor to her blog. She rocks! And she knits too!

2. Kathleen at Quail Hill Knits. Knitting, spinning, gardening, raising a beautiful family and equally beautiful Schipperkes, and did I mention she is also an attorney? My stars. Thinking about all that makes my blood pressure start ratcheting up. The afghan squares Kathleen makes are breathtaking. Her artistry inspires me every time.

3. Fancy Pants at The Write to Knit. She's a writer, a knitter, and an idea person. The Summer Stash Swap was her concept, and I'm excited about participating in it. She is also the first blogger I've ever known who likes to take pictures of her feet--I think that is adorable--and, if I can say this without sounding creepy, she has nice feet!

4. Mrs. H at I Like Yarn. She comes up with the funniest post titles, knows where the yarn deals are, and her blog has great pics--for example, "Pomatomus cuff in a cave." Now that's boldly going where no sock knitter has gone before!

5. Mel at Aspire to Knit. I love visiting Mel's blog. She knitted fabulous kilt hose for her husband as a birthday gift, swapped socks-in-progress with the Yarn Harlot, and has the cutest little boy ever. Stop by and leave a comment!

(*in no particular order)

These are just a few of the blogs I look forward to reading on a regular basis. Now I must sip some iced tea and attempt to finish a surprise project before I turn in, but before I do, here's some color-distorted, but still colorful, yarn pr0n.

"Greed is good." --Gordon Gekko, Wall Street

The Peaches & Creme are from a recent visit to Fabric Depot--I've lived in the Portland area for going on 30 years, and hadn't been there yet. And I took advantage of a recent sale at JoAnn.com and stocked up on Patons Classic Wool. If my hare-brained scheme--er, "experiment" turns out to be a winner, I'm going to be doing some serious felting this summer!

Oh the yarn!! You will be a felting fool by the time summer is done!

Thank you so much for the kind words and the rockin pink button! :)
oops--I forgot to add, now it's your turn to award your fave bloggers!
Thanks for the kind comments. I like your blog as well and the wonderful sense of humor you have. So tell us, where in the world did you get the title "Chickenlips Knitting"
It's a punchline. Since I started working full time, I feel like I'm not knitting nearly as much as I want to, and have WIP's all over the place. so, the answer to "does Sharon ever get any knitting done?" is, "does a chicken have lips?"

...going a really long way for a laugh there. I keep sending material to Jay Leno, but for some reason he isn't interested.
You DO rock, you know....and I always love all of your yarn. The stuff you sent me is already being knitted up for kiddos....
You are so sweet!! Thank you so much for the great tag. You have officially made my day. I would tag you right back with it, in fact, because I look forward to reading your blog regularly. I'm off to go post a funny picture on my blog. Thanks for being so dang cool. :)
Squee! Thanks for the tag and the kind words. :)

Mind if I add a link to you on my sidebar?
mrs. h--I'd be delighted.
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