Friday, June 01, 2007


What you get when you cross an elephant with a rhino

I have spent today grappling with this and many other issues. Today didn't start off well, and then it just got steadily worse. Let's just say that last night was the end of sharing my bed with Jimmy. I awoke at an ungodly hour to yup, you guessed it. Ew. Last night I'd thought, "oh, he may have some intestinal thing but he surely won't mess the bed." I'd thought wrong, and I'm going to stop calling him Shirley straightaway. I changed the bed and got back into the now-clean snort fort. When I got up for real, I discovered that both mutts were sick as, well, dogs. I called the vet and brought them both in. Bacterial imbalance in the small intestine was the diagnosis for both boys, with Buster being the more acutely ill. Several medications including Imodium, vet exams, lab work, and flea prevention for all our pets (we have 2 cats, and someday I'll introduce them) came to over $300. Also, this bout of tummy distress has caused so much carpet soiling that our house was downright unhygienic. Who ya gonna call? Carpet cleaning--another $150. Yikes.

I wish this tale of woe ended there, but here's the flip side: while still at the vet's, thinking I could get the pets taken care of and then go on to work (you mean I've gotta do that, too?!) my daughter called from school--seems she was once more smarting off to security and staff during assembly, which she is notorious for, and they finally got fed up with her, it being almost the end of the school year. She drew a two-day suspension, something new for her dad and me to deal with. I meted out discipline at home (immediate withdrawal of cellphone and shopping priveleges) and had to endure screaming, wall pounding, and of course the heavy artillery of "I hate you." Oh yeah, that's my favorite. I withstood it calmly, enforcing parental authority without resorting to any of my old coping behaviors (such as smoking, overeating, or overmedicating), so yay for me. Progress, baby!

It's now evening, and although the dogs are temporarily confined to the backyard, peace and cleanliness have been restored in our domicile. Last night I finished half a pair of Fetchings , but my knitting plans for today were of course hosed by the chaos. Monday I get to find out if I still have a job! (Half-kidding there.) I'll keep you posted, f'shizzle.

And to make the title of this post make sense, here are some of the other deep conundrums with which I have been rassling: how can I help my strong-willed, highly intelligent teen avoid turning her life into dreck?* How long can I hang on to a job that has become boring, confining and stale? And what is the appeal of Larry the Cable Guy, anyway?

The answer to all of these questions, my friend, is not blowin' in the wind. It's 'ELLIFINO!

*dreck: Yiddish for excrement. Had to work that in somehow.

well. What a bunch of crap.
hehehehehe, you said excrement, hehehehehe...Oh dear, that really was a lot of crap to deal with, wasn't it? We had a similar experience a year ago, except it was vomitus maximus from our highly-strung collie, piles o puke everywhere...after large vet bills it was determined to be an allergy, which resulted to a change to much more expensive food...you gotta love those furry kids. I hope your doggies (and you!) feel better soon.

Chin up about your daughter, my friend went through the same thing with her oldest and she is more than fine now. She will find her way, we all did.
They are right about your daughter. She's in that "I know everything and I will always know everything" stage and she'll get over it in good time. I'm sure you raised her right so endure just a bit longer and the storm will blow over. I'm sorry to read about your sick puppins. I hope they are feeling better now. Also, I scolled down and I love love love your bears. Too cute!!
Oh dear goodness! I have to saythat drea dread ead th teen yars......Iknow I have hadit as I hvea 7yar old who stomps up the stairs, tells us frequently she hates us and lets us know what awful parents we are!! The little twit started talking 3-5 word sentnces at 9 months and hasnotshut upsince. My clever come back to theI hate you is...."Yeah well at his moment I am notvery fond of you either missy, but I still love you" She hates it and I giddilylaugh about the whole thing!!!
thank you, everybody. I appreciate the words of support, although I now understand why some animals eat their young.

Hey CraftyMomma, glad you stopped by!
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