Sunday, June 17, 2007


We who are about to felt...

My monster Stash Bag, knit up so dang big it's folded--so you can't see all the stripes. I guess that'll be part of the surprise when I post the done pic. Even though I'm not new to felting, I tend to have mishaps with it--like, say, knitted bag handles getting tangled up with the agitator and stretched out of shape. I'll have to watch this project in the washer like the proverbial hawk, because I'm very picky about the results. I'd like to be able to offer it for sale in my Etsy shop (since my dog sweaters are languishing, and I'm paying every month to keep 'em listed). If it turns out badly, it will just be absorbed into my felted bag collective, and I'll start on that adorkable felted clutch pattern I recently found.

My Dream Project

Last year at Black Sheep Gathering, J. bought me three hanks of gorgeous cashmere laceweight from Skaska Designs. Skaska is owned by Galina Khmeleva, from whom I took a lace workshop last Feb. at Stitches West, and her husband. These people know from cashmere. However, until I took the class, I didn't know diddly about making lace. I wondered why my attempts at even the simplest lace patterns never came out looking as they were supposed to, and it's because I never learned to do a proper yarnover. So, thank you Galina for showing me the way--and because of this, my confidence has been bolstered enough to try Eunny Jang's Print o' the Wave shawl. Her tutorial for getting started with the provisional cast-on was invaluable, and I am a happy knitter, because a) I am actually making real lace, and 2) that beautiful yarn is no longer sitting there on the shelf of my yarn hutch, laying a guilt trip on me. Booya!

A horrible pic--but at least it shows the handpainting of the yarn. Now that I think about it, a solid shade might work better with the pattern. Then again, the variegation will help camouflage the myriad mistakes!

Speaking of BSG, it's coming up next weekend. Eugene is a bit more than 100 miles south of here, which makes it a nice little day trip. This will be the third year for me. I must resist the urge to buy more laceweight, as I already have enough of the stuff to keep me busy until at least 2012, and it's likely I'll come back with not much at all. Mostly I'm looking for felting yarn, as the big bag has depleted that essential component of my stash--and I'm liking JoAnn.com for Patons Classic Wool, which happens to be on sale (online only). Also, there's always Knit Picks for inexpensive wool. As much as I like supporting LYS's and local fiber producers, I'd have to raise fifty bucks to be broke right now.

I love the color on the "monster bag". I'll be watching Etsy for it.
Can't wait to see the bag when it's done. Love the colors.

And I love the beginnings of the shawl. The yarn is gorgeous.
Your bag is awesome! I usually put stuff into pillow cases to felt, that way the handles wouldn't catch on the agitator, and it saves your machine from all that felting fuzz.

I love that shawl pattern, and can't wait to see yours when you're finished!

Have fun at BSG, I wish I could come with you!
That big ass bag is pretty cool, lady. I am loving the little ruffly thing too. I stand in awe of your knitting prowess.
you all are too kind...thank you
Pretty bag! And the shawl is going to be bee-you-tea-full! I have total confidence in your knitting abilities and I know it will be just lovely. The last line of this particular blog post made me laugh in commiserations with you. Keep your positive pants on lady, and everything will truck on along. :)
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