Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Shower cam

I realize that by using a title like that for a blog entry, I'm opening myself up to a bazillion pervy Google hits, but I didn't know how else to show you my spiffy new sock blockers in action. (If you ended up here by mistake, please click here as quickly as you can. Buh-bye.) These socks now have a name, and an owner: they are Jen's socks, and fortunately, she loves them. Of course, I'm hypercritical of my knitting, and to my dismay not only did I have the devil's own time with the second sock, but they don't match!

First sock, on the right: a fairly regular stripe pattern. Second sock: color pooling like mad crazy. I know it doesn't really matter, but....rats. Anyway, the blockers made the socks come out all evenly shaped and professional-looking, so I love them. Since I got them, my sock production's booming:

This sock practically knit itself. The yarn is Mountain Colors "Twizzle"--it's heavier than the usual sock weight, and very soft. I lost the ball band so I don't know the exact fiber content, but I think it's got mohair and silk in it. I knit them from a very basic pattern where you use size 4 dpn's and cast on just 52 stitches. I am delighted with the colorway.
Got an eye exam scheduled today, and work is slow, so I'm home doing some TCB. And knitting.

Pretty socks! And the title gives yarn pr0n a whole new meaning.

Cool exit link for the pervs. ROFLMAO
I know I wondered what I stumbled onto and then I was all like...WOW look at those SOCKS!
Great socks and I love the title of the post!
great socks--I have honored you with an award...pop over and check it out! and please pass it on to 5 of your favorites!
Your first line had me giggling...great socks!
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