Saturday, June 23, 2007


Fiber paradise

I'll have to make this a quick photo essay-type post, because I'm just inches (literally) from finishing the evil twin of my Lorna's Laces plain-vanilla sock. But I know you're eager to see the haul from Black Sheep Gathering, so I won't make you wait one bit longer.

Here's the hardware:

A classy set of sock blockers from Blue Moon Fiber Arts, with a crescent-moon stitch marker to boot! And check out their merchandise bag:

I have, yes, indeedy.

And now for the software:

Doing my best to support local fiber retailers and producers, I picked up some Opal sock yarn, which is like crack to this yarn addict, from Woodland Woolworks. A friend of mine who is a talented knitter and spinner works at their booth every year, helping out with spinning wheel demos and sales. I enjoyed seeing her there, and I also met Janel from Chameleon Colorworks at lunchtime--check out her colorful blog.

The confection at right is 200 yards of handspun, hand dyed merino, gorgeously done by Shelly of Butternut Woolens. Think Manos, just locally produced. The hardest thing will be deciding what to make with it.

And finally:

Two ounces of handspun tussah silk from Nebo Rock Textiles (couldn't find their link, sorry) of California. I'm thinking a diamond lace scarf.

I made a couple other small purchases--some jewelry and greeting cards--and all in all, had a wonderful time at BSG 2007. Now to finish the socks, wash them, and have a "block party"! Oh, you don't know how long I've been waiting to use that. Sorry, I've done a lot of driving today.

What a haul you made! Gorgeous yarns, and I just love the blockers. Glad you had a great time!
What wonderful sock blockers! They are just gorgeous. And what a haul. You are going to have fun knitting.
I have big time yarn envy
WOW! I just popped in from Flutter's site...
I love the sock blockers--and would love to get some for my sis who is a rabid sock knitter.
Can you share the source?
thanks tons--I'll be back. Your site is wonderful!
Hi Ellie Bee, thanks for stopping in! The sock blockers are from Blue Moon Fiber Arts.
Thanks so much! I will order her up some, and be back soon!
PS. I am a knitter, too, but not nearly proficient enough to call myself one! But I do love to spin:)...
Hi! Saw your comment on my blog, so popped over to look at yours. I am so mad I couldn't go to BSG! I really covet a set of those Blue Moon sock blockers -- among other things! The kicker is that I'll miss OFFF this year, too, 'cause I'll be in Europe (yeah, I know, poor me -- lol).

Anyway, thanks for visiting and happy knitting! :)
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